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Trolex Review 2020: Is Legit Or Scam?

What Is All About?

This Trolex review will show you everything you need to know about the income program.

Earlier this year, an income program which grown popular very fast came up, GiftalWorld.

To register on GiftalWorld, you need to pay a one-time fee of ₦3000 and then you make money there by performing simple activities.

The platform started off well and payed many, but in the end, it crashed, just like every other income schemes in Nigeria.

Trolex works the same way, just that the registration fee is more affordable and what’s more interesting is that it’s created by the founder of GiftalWorld!!! Review Founder

Mr E Bright King is the founder of Trolex and he runs the platform alone but with the help of coupon vendors who makes registration easier without him having to do anything.

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How To Earn On

There are multiple ways to earn money on Trolex and they are:

  • Sign Up: Upon successful registration, you’ll be given ₦500 as a Sign Up Bonus
  • Posting: For every post your submit to the platform (if it gets approved) you earn ₦100
  • Splash Post: You earn ₦100 For Splash Post
  • Comments: For every comments you make, you earn ₦5
  • Monthly Raffle: You get ₦50,000 if you’re lucky!
  • Affiliate: You earn ₦1200 per everyone you refer!
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Trolex Registration

For Registration, you need to get your one-time payment of ₦1700 ready and then you’ll need;

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Your Bank Details (for payment)
  • Your Desired Password

To Join the platform send me message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Philiptechs : 09025904808

warning , Before you Click On This WhatsApp Icon You have your Money Ready To Join ??Oforum

Trolex Login

For login, you must have successfully registered and to login, you’ll need your;

  • Username
  • Password

How To Withdraw On

Earnings on Trolex can be withdrawn anytime so far you’ve reached the minimum withdrawal of ₦5000.

Payments are made straight to your bank account! Review (Trolex Review)

Now, to the most important part of the review.

Is Legit? First of all, I’d like to say that the platform is registered with CAC, which makes it ‘legitimate’.

Howver, I don’t think CAC is concerned with what the business does before issuing certificates.

Which means, a business might be legal to run and at the same time, scam people.

Now, I’m not saying Trolex is scam neither am I saying it’s legit.

But there’s something we call Early Birds, the first and early set of people who joins will enjoy!

Which means, if you want to join, do so now and I can assure you that you’d get paid.

At the end, they might end up scamming other people, be ready for it.

NOTE: My Trolex Review/ Review isn’t meant to defame or promote the platform at all.

It’s a simple informative post, informing people of what the platform is all about.

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