What Is GramFree?

GramFree Review

Is GramFree Legit

Is GramFree Scam

GramFree is a blockchain-based digital project built by Telegram developers.

It is said to be safe, fast, easy and capable of processing millions of transactions per second.

It is said to have been designed to compete with the Ethereum smart contracts.

Enough of the introduction, let me get to the main point.

Earlier this year, GramFree rose to fame, referral links of people everywhere you could think of.

On Facebook, Twitter etc. The most annoying place is on Facebook ads comment sections.

I decided to check what it’s all about and when I saw it, I immediately knew it’s another waste of time and I didn’t bother to try and write a review.

But surprisingly, people never stopped joining and advertising the platform, they have this hope of making $1000 just by watching videos and referring.

And that’s why I finally decided to write the GramFree Review, at least to stop few other people from wasting their time and data subscriptions.

I checked their WhoIs Information and found out that the domain was registered on

GramFree Review

Is GramFree Legit

Is GramFree Scam

GramFree Registration

The GramFree Registration is made easy, you only need either your:

  • Google Account
  • Facebook Account

NB: By registering with either your Facebook or Google Account, you’re giving them access to some of your information.

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GramFree Login

The GramFree Login is easy also, after registering and you want to log in some other time, you need your:

  • Google Account
  • Facebook Account

Use whichever you used during your registration.

GramFree Review

Is GramFree Legit

Is GramFree Scam

How To Make Money On GramFree

There are series of ways to make money on the GramFree Platform and they are:

By Referring

When you refer friends or strangers to join the platform and they do, you are going to earn 5 grams for each person registered with your unique referral link.

By Watching videos

They say if you watch videos, you’d get 0.5 grams, per video you watch!

By Playing games

Hey, they claim you also earn by doing something fun, that’s cool.

By Posting A Promotional Video on YouTube

Additionally when you decide to create a video to promote GramFree and then you uploaded it on your YouTube Channel, You can submit it to GramFree.

And If they approve, you get rewarded with 5grams!

GramFree Withdrawal

GramFree put in place, many methods of withdrawing their earnings, they are:

  • Bank Transfer
  • American Pay
  • American Express
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Payoneer

Is GramFree Legit?

So, with all these, Is GramFree Legit?

The simple and straight answer is NO!!!

You’ll end up working, wasting your data on videos and will end up not getting paid.

In fact, to get to the minimum withdrawal threshold will tire you out.

At first, you might start well and think you’d reach it in no time but then you’d notice reduction in the amount they pay you for activities.

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And at the end of the day when you reach 500 grams, you will be banned!

GramFree Review

Is GramFree Legit

Is GramFree Scam

Is GramFree Scam?

Well, I think this depends on your definition of scam, but to me, Yes, it’s totally SCAM!!!

Not only do they waste your time but they also waste your precious data subscription!

Don’t mind those good reviews on the site claiming they withdrew successfully, they are all lies.

Stay away from GramFree.

GramFree Review (Conclusion)

You might be thinking, why are they doing this, why are they wasting your time?

Well it’s simple, Remember I said above that by registering, you give them access to certain of your information.

That might be just what they want, we all know that the internet isn’t private, no! Companies sell and buys our data(s), might be same case here.

Meanwhile, You can earn money by keeping an app on your phone.

GramFree Review

Is GramFree Legit

Is GramFree Scam

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