What Is Guarantee Downline Club?

Guarantee Downline Club Review

The Guarantee Downline Club also known as GDLC is a fast growing and free online community of people who are interested in making legit and almost stress-free money online.

The members will join the paid program as one big pre-assembled down line group instead of going it alone and trying to get others to join the paid program one at a time.

Also, the members of this awesome platforms are being paid to refer others to join.

Thereby, giving a lot more people chance to earn free money online!

How Does It Work?

The GLDC works in a very simple way.

First of all, when you sign up as a member on the platform, you’ll be given free $5.00 as a commission.

Then when you refer others, you earn $0.5 per everyone you refer!

The minimum payout of the platform is $50.00 which means you have to refer up to 90 people to be able to withdraw your earnings.

There are no paid memberships in GDLC.

Who Is/Are The Founders Of GLDC?

The GLDC is the work of Mr. Roger McEntyre and Mr. Martin Morse who are said to have over twenty six years experience in Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and Advertising Experience.

They both worked hard to create a platform where all the members can make a lot of money without paying a dime.

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Guarantee Downline Club Review

Guarantee Downline Club Registration

To register on GLDC, you don’t need to pay anything. To register, make sure you CLICK HERE so that you’d receive your free $5.

All the details you need for registration are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • E-mail Address
  • Password

Guarantee Downline Club Login

To login on the platform, all your need is:

  • Your E-mail. Address or Username
  • Your Password

Guarantee Downline Club Review

How To Withdraw On GLDC?

Currently, the platform pays users using PayPal, TransferWise and Direct ACH.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $50.00;

  • Open your Wallet and add a new wallet credit
  • Once you add the credit, a new button will appear that says “Request My Funds.”, click on it.
  • Type the amount you want to withdraw and the Admin will be notified of your request.
  • After this, open a support ticket, telling Admin how you want to get paid.

Then, Give them the information we need to pay you. Example:

I just requested $250 of my funds. Please pay me via PayPal. My PayPal email address is mypaypal@email.com

Note we must have a W-9 Form on file for you if you are a USA citizen or legal resident.

Guarantee Downline Club Review

Is Guarantee Downline Club Legit?

The short and good news is YES!!!.

Currently, GLDC is legit and paying members. This isn’t GramFree World where you waste your data watching videos and referring people and still end up not getting paid.

Here, there has been series of testimonies of withdrawal from my close pals.

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They’ve grown to have over 28,000 members! Who make free money!

Kudos to Mr. Roger and Mr. Martin for building this kind of income generator!

Guarantee Downline Club Review

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