This Videomine Review will show you everything you need to know about Videomine technology, and at the end, conclude whether you should join or you shouldn’t.

What Is Videomine Technology?

Videomine Review
Videomine Review

Videomine technology is sad to be an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software. It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a  group(teamwork).

  • It’s a technological development that seeks to ensure that the general affiliate marketing system is utilized efficiently and effectively
  • Everyone can become a member/user on videomine technology because it’s aim and objective is to empower the country at large
  • On videomine You are your own boss, you work on your own terms, you earn at your convenience and get paid for almost doing nothing.

Their Promises

  • BEST SERVICE: In an affiliate world that is constantly changing, we are a strong and reliable organization to all individuals ranging from teenagers to the general adults. Our dedicated team is focused to ensure the best possible service and support for all our users (affiliate and mlm users).
  • BETTER FUTURE: At Videomine Technology , we truly believe that technology is best when it brings people together, so come and join us and let’s build a better future together!
  • GUARANTEE: As a reputable and outstanding organization, we guarantee that every user on our platform will be equipped financially (via basic networking prowess) and technologically (via current day skills)
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  • We are a registered organization under the CAC in Nigeria
  • User friendly website
  • Easy to complete activities
  • High and assured earning rates
  • Withdrawal is 100% guaranteed
  • Amazing prizes to be won ranging from home theatres to laptops to iPhones and a trip to Dubai
  • Secured website

Participating As An Affiliate (Single Individual)

When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates 
alone and gets paid into his account instantly.
The following activities are involved 

  • Registration fee #2000
  • Registration bonus #1000
  • Referral bonus #1400
  • Daily visits #100
  • Video watching #150
  • Viral video posts #200
  • Skills center for learning new skills

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly.

Participating As A Team (Group Work)

If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved

  • The user cashes out #10,000 always immediately after his cycle/group is completed
  • The user withdraws #500 into his bank account always immediately after any of his direct group members  completes a cycle (the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and withdrawing #500 from them completing each cycle).
  • The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre, etc on reaching certain cycle goals.
  • After a users cycle is completed and he withdraws #10,000, for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle.
  • Registration and resubscription fee is #2000 only.

Benefits Of MLM/Group Structure.

  • You get to work with a team and continually earn with them 
  • You get to earn spillovers continuously from group members
  • You get to cashout daily  
  • You win certain prizes for reaching certain cycles with group members
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Here are the below prices

  • Complete cycle 7 and win a rechargeable standing fan/mini printing machine
  • complete cycle 14 and win a fully automated home theatre 
  • complete cycle 21 and win a techno/infinix device 
  • complete cycle 30 and win Samsung s7/pes3
  • complete cycle 50 and win a fully automated laptop
  • complete cycle 100 and win an iPhone 11 Pro Max plus a mini washing machine 
  • Complete cycle 200 and win a trip to Dubai 
  • Prizes can be claimed in any of the 3 ways

How To Register On Videomine

To register on Videomine, CLICK HERE. Below are the required information you will enter when you want to register;

  • Your Full name
  • Your Username
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Choose Between MLM or Affiliate
  • Password
  • Coupon Code

Purchase Coupon Code

You can purchase your coupon code from the verified vendors below.

NameWhatsapp Link
Akinade Victor
Mubaraking Tv
Akinnez tv
Funzy media
Yekeen Azeez
Mr Basit
Arise tv Https://
Ceo b&s tv
Talkwithbright Tv
Mrs Ifeoma
Miss Queen
Flow TV
Fresh tv
Miss vivian
Mr Flip
Mr Tijani(Tj tv)
Miss jenny
Jolastic tv
Videomine Review

Is VideoMine Technology Legit?

As we are all familiar with Nigerian income programs that had come and gone in the past. Their rise and fall will definitely take the same route. Currently, I can tell you it’s legit, and paying (even at that, a lot of people are complaining of their returns too little to the time they had to wait, performing tasks such as watching videos on videomine technology.

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I can project this project to last for the next 2-5 months, I don’t know for sure what might happen between or after this time frame. Invest wisely, and don’t be greedy!

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