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What Is

Box-Media Technology is a reputable news website, aiming at giving all individuals the best entertainment update and also with enormous earning opportunities.

Box-media Technology is also a news updated website that gives educational, content, All round Entertainment update on what is happening around the country and the globe.

Box-media Technology is also an online business where you can work and earn online and get paid by Reading Content, Commenting Watching videos, Sharing Sponsored posts, daily login, and much more on the Box-media platform at the comfort of your home with just your smartphone…

Their aims and visions are to put a stop to unemployment end financial problems, create a convenient job and make all our members self-dependent no matter what level and the economic state of the country, and contribute to global economic development.

How BoxMedia Works

1. You get registered and become a fully registered member on our website with the one-time registration fee of ₦2,500 NO HIDDEN FEE Required.

2. We pay 50% affiliate commission which means you get instant payment of ₦1,250 for each person you registered on our website.

Note: Referring is optional (And it’s as well one of the ways to boost your earnings).

3. You get instant access to start earning on the website one’s your Account is successfully activated.

4. You get instant airtime of your desired network provider for being part of Box-media As Giveaway and for posting credit alert testimony (with a good caption on our website.)

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5. You get paid ₦100 for watching video each video you watch you like and comment, share. Watch TikTok videos, and earn ₦60 for watching.

6. You get paid ₦30 for reading and commenting on each content daily on the website.

(Comment an interactive word with the article. sells any valuable news or content ₦300 After Approval).

7. You get paid ₦50 for daily login every day.
8. You get paid ₦120 for sharing our daily sponsored post reward which you will be sharing every day on your Facebook timeline or WhatsApp.

9. You will be qualified to place withdrawal without having any referral once you hit the minimum threshold of ₦10,000

Note: Non-referral withdrawal 28th of every month.

Referral withdrawal is daily minimum withdrawal is ₦5,000 (five referrals). And the most interesting part is that you won’t be charged any commission after placing a withdrawal. What you place is what you get.

Once you successfully become a registered member on our website you can be making nothing less than ₦50,000 every week with the help of our website.

Once your place a withdrawal request on our platform you will surely get credited within the period of 0-12 hours any day on a timely basis anytime.


With Box-media you are guaranteed to make over 50k from your smartphones. We have been able to create jobs online given financial freedom for our members, even without referring anyone, the registration is a onetime fee for life which is ₦2,500 NO HIDDEN FEE ones you are in you’re in, you can be making money daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

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You work you earn on our website we share our Revenue with you as a member 70% 30% you get paid for each task you perform as little as they are.
 With Box – media you are a Boss.
 With Box – media you put food on your table
 With Box – media you can live a comfortable lifestyle.


Weekly payment to all registered members

An opportunity to make money using your smartphone while working less.

A free e-book that explains the steps involved in getting referrals

A dependable source of income.

A time-saving system that takes less than 10 minutes of your time every day.

You will have access to learning a good quality skill online that can generate 6-8 figure income for you. Such as:

i. Forex Trading ₦20,000

ii. Crypto Trading ₦18,000

iii. Social Media Mastering ₦10,000

iv. Graphic Design ₦7,000

v. Video Editing / Animation ₦10,000

vi. Affiliate Marketing ₦15,000

All these skills are worth $300 but with Box-media you will be given at affordable prices.

Now, you have seen what Box-media has for you.

We know you would not want to miss this highly profitable means of making money online and getting knowledge that can pay you for life.

Is BoxMedia Legit? is a new income website created mainly to give Nigerians the opportunity to make money online with just a one-time registration fee of #2,500.

The platform is registered with CAC as seen in the picture below.

Boxmedia Review

While there has been a lot of failed income websites in Nigeria in the past few years, Boxmedia promises they are here to stay. We hope it’s going to be that way.

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