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Roqqu Review 2021: My Honest Review About The Crypto Wallet

What Is Roqqu?

Roqqu Review

Roqqu App Review

In 2020, the pandemic kind of made the crypto currency world more and more popular.

Following the break-through of Ethereum when it sky-rocketed to about $402 in value, the introduction of smart contracts for accumulating cryptos and then Tron, TRX too getting more noticed.

People made a lot of posts on the internet like

When Bitcoin started, everyone underrated it and the same with ethereum, do not let this opportunity pass you buy, accumulate Tron now, it might rise to $100 in the future.

Bla Bla Bla.

It was in that kind of post that I came across Roqqu, a wallet for buying and selling crypto currencies, being new to the crypto world, I decided to give the wallet a try.

Roqqu was created some months back by Uchenna Nnodum and it has achieved a milestone of having over 10000 users!

They’re currently undergoing legal registration in the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) so I couldn’t get their RC number.

While You’re Reading Roqqu Review, Have you heard of Zolous Air drop?

I’ve bought and sell cryptos on Roqqu and I’ve withdrawn my money from it and also used it to purchase airtime which was swift.

I didn’t faced any problem at all which made me think of writing the Roqqu App Review MEANWHILE! Don’t judge with this statement, there’s still more to read.

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What are the available coins on Roqqu?

The app has wallets for many currencies and they keep on adding more as the need arises. Here are the available coins on the app as at the time this article was written.

  • Tether – USDT
  • Ripple – XRP
  • EOS
  • Tron – TRX
  • Binance – BNB
  • HIVE
  • Litecoin

Is Roqqu Legit

Roqqu Registration

Registering on the app is no big deal and it’s like registering on all other platforms. These are what you need:

  • Your e-mail account
  • Your password
  • Your transaction pin


  • Your Google account/Gmail or
  • Your Facebook account.

The transaction pin I stated above is set up after registration, it’d be your pin for buying and selling coins so you should keep it like you keep passwords.

Roqqu Login

You don’t need much to log in on the app either, all you need is your:

  • Your E-mail
  • Your Password


You can automatically sign in using your:

  • Google Account
  • Facebook Account

Roqqu Review

Roqqu App Review

Is Roqqu Legit?

Yes!!! Roqqu Is a legitimate wallet for buying and selling of crypto currencies

Do you know what’s special about Roqqu? You can pay with your card OR do a bank transfer!!! YES, how?

When you register an account on the app, you automatically have your own Roqqu designed account.

In such a way that when you transfer funds to the account, it’d reflect on your wallet and thereby you can use it to buy coins for keep.

Is Roqqu Scam? (Roqqu App Review)

Well, Nope, Roqqu is not a scam and isn’t associated with fraudulent activities BUT!!! They have really bad reviews, have you checked their playstore reviews? Oh you should.

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Some claim that their network is too slow, some said withdrawal takes too long.

Some complained about their poor customer support. Some other said that they transferred some coins into their wallet and it didn’t reflect. Take a look at some screenshots of the ‘Worst’ reviews.

Roqqu Review

Roqqu App Review

Roqqu Review (Review Mr’s Verdict)

Personally, I haven’t had any problem whatsoever with the app an it’s going smoothly for me.

I mean, my withdrawal takes no longer than 10 minutes to arrive, and when I top up my Sim with it, it arrives almost immediately.

Now, is Roqqu Legit? Do I recommend it and why are people giving it bad reviews?

First, I’m not the only one who haven’t experienced any issue with roqqu so far. So, why are people saying the opposite about them?

Here are my thoughts:

  • People tend to transact when they are told not to: Don’t get me wrong, you can transact whenever you want but there are sometimes that roqqu undergoes some maintenance and updates and they’d notify their users not to transact but some will still do which might lead to failed transactions and loss of money.
  • Zero Patience: People tend to think they’ve been scammed when withdrawal is taking to long to process. Again, whenever I place withdrawal, I get it almost immediately but some claim they don’t which I understand. Instead of them to be patient, they’d go about, labeling the wallet as a scam.

Overall, Roqqu is one of best and of course easiest wallets you can use.

This Roqqu App Review isn’t meant to defame the app, I simply felt like writing the Roqqu Review to let people know what it entails.

What’s your experience with Roqqu? Let us know 🙂.

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Roqqu Review

Roqqu App Review

Is Roqqu Legit

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