47 Best Privacy.com Alternative:

Privacy.com is a website that gives customers with virtual credit cards, which protect the user’s genuine credit card while still completing checkout forms and saving time. The software protects genuine credit card information while while providing internet communities with simulated card information. Users can take control of their subscriptions on the site, pausing and stopping them at any moment. It comes with a browser extension that inserts an acceptable card number into the card field automatically, and users only have to click on it.

Privacy.com uses split-key encryption and TLS level security to keep all of its users’ data private. It protects users’ financial information in the digital environment, preventing data breaches and monetary losses. It gives users a virtual card number for each merchant with whom they shop, ensuring that their credit card information is kept safe. There is a free and a paid edition of Privacy.com.

#1. Braintree Payments:


Braintree Payments is a payment processing and receiving service that accepts process and split payments using its official website and smartphone app. Braintree Payments’ money transfer service is available to both small and large enterprises.


This web-based payment mechanism is extremely beneficial to organizations that conduct e-commerce or online trade activities. Today, businesses all over the world are utilizing the technology and support provided by online payment systems such as Braintree Payments.


Many financial institutions and other online money transfer businesses have joined with Braintree Payments. All of Braintree Payments’ payments are backed by a robust fraud protection system, which helps users manage risk and combat current and next-generation criminals.

No. 2 ProPay :

ProPay is a multi-payment service provider that allows customers to send money to anyone, anywhere in the globe. It also accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, in-person payments, internet payments, mobile payments, and bank transfers.


It provides payment options for a wide range of users, including small businesses, direct selling companies, corporations, and even banking channels. What makes ProPay unique? Because it offers industry-leading payment processing tools and solutions to a diverse range of businesses.

No.3   Skrill

Skrill is an eCommerce and online money and payment transferring service that makes online payment systems more secure and simple. Skrill provides outstanding international money transfer services ranging from international money transfers to online shopping, gaming, trading, and betting.

One of the most appealing aspects of using Skrill’s services is that it allows consumers to manage all of their online payments through a single, uncomplicated account. The three main advantages of using its services are convenience, confidence, and the ability to pay instantly. In most circumstances, it merely takes 1% of the money transmitted as a fee.

No. 4  ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is a web-based money transfer service that allows you to send money quickly and easily. ACE Money Transfer ensures that its customers can send as much money as they want to be sent. Because ACE Money Transfer is integrated and regulated by the majority of government and official authorities in many countries, it is referred to be a safe and secure way to send money across borders.


Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, MasterCard Secure Code, and Swift all accept and verify ACE Money Transfer payment methods. In addition to cash transfers, ACE Money Transfer also accepts credit and debit cards.

No. 6 XE Money Transfer


XE Money Transfer is an internet platform that allows you to send money and use bank wire transfer services. XE Money Transfer began as a provider of real-time exchange rate information and has now expanded to provide real-time online money transfer services to customers all over the world.

The primary advantages of using XE Money Transfer’s services include fee-free transfers in most situations, highly competitive exchange rates, the ability to send money and track payments at any time from any platform, and a secure way of payment.

#7 Currencies Direct SHOW DETAILS


Currencies Direct is a web-based money-transfer platform that provides the best exchange rate for money transfers. Currencies Direct is a wonderful way of sending money to others at the lowest possible rates if you want to avoid long lines in front of the bank counter and save money on bank fees.

Currencies Direct provides a comprehensive range of services to both personal and commercial clients. It can use any method of money transfer, whether it is through its users, online, or through its official application. Its services are also available to business customers that want the finest in class business services, online seller services, top payment solutions, and advanced risk management systems. Money may be moved in four simple steps.


#8  OrbitRemit



OrbitRemit is a global money transfer service that allows users to send and receive money via its app or official website. To send a money, interested users must first create an account. They can then begin producing or sending money to others.

The procedure is simple to follow. Simply type the amount you wish to send and choose the currency in which you want the recipient to receive it. After deducting currency conversion fees and OrbitRemit service fees, OrbitRemit will display the final amount that will be paid to the recipient.




When it comes to sending money from one country to another, NETELLER is one of the most popular options. It’s a combination of an e-wallet and an e-money service that can also be used to send money to others.

One of the best things about NETELLER is how simple it is to make payments using it. Payments can even be done in places where credit and debit cards aren’t accepted. The funds transferred through this money transfer service can also be utilized for online shopping.


#10  Xoom


Xoom is a money transfer service that is regulated by PayPal. It’s a safe and secure way to send money to anyone while also saving a lot of money on money transfer fees. It may also be used to wire money to any bank account in a matter of minutes or to collect cash from Xoom’s hundreds of authorized locations.

Unlike PayPal, Xoom does not have a large international footprint. It provides the greatest service in Asian countries. In the event that top international money transfer businesses are unable to provide services in your country. Xoom is the most convenient way to use Xoom’s online money transfer services.

#11 Money2anywhere


Money2anywhere is an online money transfer platform that allows users to conduct real-time transactions. To use its online services, the interested party must first form a free account, following which he may begin making payments to people who live elsewhere.

Transferring money in a matter of minutes, getting the best and lowest possible exchange rates, having many payment alternatives, and using a safe and secure method of payment are the four primary advantages of using Money2anywhere’s money payment services. Money2anywhere makes it simple to get started.

#12  Ria Money Transfer


Ria Money Transfer provides its customers with the simplest, most convenient, and broadest range of money transfer services available. Users of Ria Money Transfer can send money to anyone using their bank account, debit card, cash at authorized banks, or other Ria Money Transfer accounts. It claims to be able to transfer the funds in fifteen minutes.

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The rapid transfer process is undoubtedly the primary benefit of this money transfer service, which is why the majority of people prefer to use it. With over three hundred thousand authorized outlets, it has a presence in approximately 150 countries.


#13  WePay


WePay is a multi-platform solution for online money transfers. This money transfer corporation situated in the United States is known for providing the finest in class SaaS and crowdfunding solutions to people all over the world. WePay not only provides payment solutions to consumers, but it also provides financial solutions to business owners.

It also has a presence among MarketPlace startups. It allows its consumers to make several payments through it. Dealing with internet payments in the context of freelancing or online buying is risky and difficult. The complete procedure of online money transfer has been simplified thanks to WePay’s advanced money payment and fraud protection system.


#14  Payza


Payza is a web-based payment transfer service that allows you to send money from one country to another. The money you send through Payza can be used for online shopping and can also be obtained from recognized banks and stores. It has a large presence in most Asian and African countries, and as a result, it is currently leading in these areas.

Payza provides services to both individuals and businesses. The fees for opening an account, receiving BTC, and receiving funds in personal and business accounts are all the same. Payza’s currency conversion fees are also low when compared to those charged by most banks and online money transfer businesses.

#15 Payoneer Paid

Payoneer is a well-known name in the world of international money transfers. It has a high reputation in Asian nations where the majority of international money transfer providers do not provide money transfer services. This forward-thinking money transfer organization operates in more than 200 countries and provides online money payment and receiving services.

What distinguishes Payoneer from its competitors is that it provides a unique set of financial services to its customers. As a professional, freelancer, or even a business owner, they can use its services here. Payoneer has a variety of options available to them so that they can be paid anywhere in the world.


#16  Money Gram


MoneyGram International Incorporation operates an international money transfer service known as Money Gram. This online money transfer business operates in over 200 countries and territories around the world. The amount sent can be received into a bank account or a mobile wallet in addition to being collected at the bank counter.

The customer is put at ease by too many payment and money-receiving choices. Money Gram’s service fees or commission rates are determined by the transaction type selected by the consumer. There are two methods for sending payments: online and from a physical location. The exact charges for each category can be found on Money Gram’s official website.


#17   Western Union


Western Union is a global money transfer business that has worked with the majority of banks and financial institutions throughout the world. Western Union has the greatest market share in online and mobile money transfers.

It enables anyone all around the world to send money to anyone in another country with ease. Its money transfer services are available in nearly 200 countries and all of the United States’ territories. The main benefit of using Western Union’s money transfer services is that each transfer is protected by an excellent security system.


#18  TransferWise



TransferWise is regarded as one of the most popular online platforms for moving money internationally. Sending money to foreign nations through the banking system is not a good idea because it is very expensive. Here’s where TransferWise comes in, with its minimal fees compared to banks and ability to transfer funds in the shortest time feasible.

TransferWise is unique in that its money transfer service is available to both individuals and corporations. Individuals have the ability to send money to others in any country. Businesses can use this option as well, with the added benefit of receiving money from clients in the case of online services.



#19  WorldRemit


WorldRemit is a web-based money transfer service that provides online financial services in almost every country on the planet. Anyone can send money securely using the various means of payment with this. It has nearly a hundred and twenty-five countries in which it operates. One of the best aspects of WorldRemit is the low cost of fees and exchange rates.

WorldRemit currently offers four different payment options: cash collection, bank deposit, mobile money, and airtime top-up. The willing individuals must first select the country to which they wish to transfer the funds. Then, choose a payment option and enter the amount they want to send. After you’ve confirmed all of these, WorldRemit will email the recipient’s information as soon as the operation is completed.


#20.  Stripe

Stripe is the greatest online credit card processor in the world, built specifically for small businesses and online merchants. It is a simple to use service that you can use at any time and from anywhere in the world. Its extensive feature set includes transparent pricing systems and payment administration solutions that swiftly eliminate all of the hassles associated with receiving credit card payments through internet channels.

Another intriguing feature of this platform is that it manages all background processes, including security, which makes it suitable and appealing to small businesses and internet firms. Stripe is a fully customizable platform with a variety of customization options to enhance the user experience. Accept more credit cards, allow instant payments, accept numerous currencies, invoice closing as an option, mobile payment, invoice paying, and collect transaction fees are all included. Stripe offers a variety of pricing options, each with its own set of costs and main features.


#21.  SecurionPay


SecurionPay is one of the most secure online and mobile payment systems available, and it works with practically any operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. It makes a compelling argument for itself as a one-stop shop for all enterprises that need paid subscriptions and online payments.

Its own payment gateway provides quick and endless options, attracting new audiences from all over the world. It also has a customisation option, as well as some new features that allow businesses to conduct safe mobile payments. One of the most appealing features of this platform is the embedded payment form or enhanced checkout, which allows for instant transaction processing and rapid conversion.


#22  OrangePay

OrangePay is another online payment platform that allows organizations, corporations, and people to take payments through a variety of internet channels. It’s an excellent payment option, especially for high-risk projects when the goal is to limit risks while maximizing earnings.

Companies and organizations can use this solution to access a wide range of payment options, including eWallets, Visa/MasterCard, Webmoney, Paypal, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, and Ukash, to name a few. It provides a quick and secure payment processing solution for your projects, allowing you to take payments via a variety of channels and methods.

#23. Paysafe

Paysafe is a global payment solution that creates new payment suites such as software, merchant accounts, payment gateways, credit and debit cards, and online debit and credit. Paysafe is fully compatible with international and local payment security requirements as it evolves. Paysafe is one of the top Stripe alternatives, offering all of the same services with a few extra features that set it apart from the competition.

Individuals and corporations can send and receive money in a variety of currencies with this solution. It just provides a single platform for all payment procedures to be managed through a single channel. Paysafe is also known as one of the safest online payment systems, since it adheres to all international and local payment security and privacy standards.

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#24.  PayU

PayU is another online payment service provider that offers merchants and shoppers simple and fast payment processes. While giving local expertise, a single integration, and innovative solutions that fit business goals, the solution focuses on merchants’ needs with customers shopping and all other payment activity.

This platform is interesting because it offers over 250 payment methods that are meant to make online payments secure, simple, and fast, whether on a computer, mobile device, e-wallet, or even offline. It provides a single integration program that enables users to begin receiving all local payments in all of its locations. Users from all over the world can utilize it as their payment service provider and begin collecting payments in over 16 different marketplaces, potentially reaching over 2 billion people.


#25.  Worldpay

Worldpay is a payment gateway that caters to all types of businesses. It provides payment processing services that may be customized to meet customers ever-changing needs. It gives businesses access to an omnichannel payment processing platform that streamlines and simplifies payments across all sales channels.

It’s a cross-platform solution that you may use from anywhere in the world at any time. Worldpay provides businesses with the flexibility they need to adapt and adopt a variety of payment methods and customise them to meet the needs of their consumers, whether they choose to pay through an internet gateway or by checks.


#26. Venmo


Venmo – Send and Receive Money is a simple and enjoyable money app for transferring and receiving money quickly among friends and purchasing at your favorite online retailers. It’s an all-in-one solution that includes all of the essential services and features for a more realistic experience.

Directly attaching your payment method allows you to send money to pals quickly. The best part is that sending money using your debit card or bank account incurs no transaction fees. Use your Venmo balance to make a payment or cash it out fast to your bank.


#27. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most comprehensive and secure online payment methods available, with options for individual money transfers as well as online shopping and trading. Most web-based shops and service providers have officially acknowledged it as an online payment method.

PayPal’s excessive popularity stems from the fact that it provides the fastest, safest, and most likely secure method of money transfer. It handles both private and merchant accounts and offers its customers the most convenient money transfer options.


#28.  Flint Mobile Payments

Flint Mobile Payments is a one-stop shop for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to handle payments. The solution consists of an online merchant portal and a mobile app that helps buyers and merchants speed the payment process. It enables company owners to provide secure and tailored transactions for fast mobile payments and a consistent consumer experience.

Users can accept credit card payments, create invoices, and manage clients at any time and from anywhere with this payment processing solution. Flint Mobile Payments may not be a radical departure from existing apps, but its use of the device’s camera to scan credit card information rather of swiping it makes it excellent and unique. The software isn’t cheap, but it does include project-based billing, service appointments, events and activities, and custom products and crafts.

#29.  Sage Payment Solutions

Sage Payment Solutions is a feature-rich payment processing software that enables retailers to take a variety of payment methods online, in stores, and on the go. Accepting cards, e-checks, and mobile payments saves time and money for businesses.

It also allows retailers to accept payments with various preferences, ensuring that they never have to turn off a prospective sale. Unlike other leading payment processing solutions, Sage Payment Solutions also connects with Sage accounting platforms to help businesses reconcile invoices and payments, synchronizing the frontline with all the backend activities that make it superior than the competition.

#30. Minkasu Minkasu Minkasu Minkasu Min


Minkasu is a secure mobile checkout solution that makes daily transactions in-store, on-the-go, and even online a breeze. Merchants and their customers benefit from faster checkouts thanks to this software, and buyers don’t have to input their passwords or PINs at the counter. When customers use the application for online transactions, the same process is followed because it seamlessly interacts with Magento and most of the top web shopping platforms.

Additionally, the solution aids organizations in converting more clients, resulting in increased productivity and sales. The platform is compatible with a variety of platforms and includes mobile apps for both iOS and Android, allowing a wide range of users to conduct transactions using their chosen mobile phones and tablets. It can also be used to cover the costs of things and services purchased online on shopping platforms, in addition to supporting online payments at checkout counters.

#31. RushCard


RushCard is an online banking software that allows you to connect with your bank account information and earn up to 3% cashback on transactions. Many characteristics are quite beneficial to you. You can purchase items online with a Visa debit card and receive your paycheck in a few simple steps. With pause protection, you may pause transactions instantly if your RushCard is lost or stolen, and with Zero Liability Policy, you can protect yourself from unauthorized charges.

The program, which is available for both IOS and Android, allows you to check your bank balance, view transactions, and deposit funds. Everything is in one spot, whether you need to pay bills, shop, book tickets, or purchase anything. The investment relaxes you and allows you to earn from it on a monthly basis using RushCard.

#32. Plastiq

Plastiq is an online bill payment and business services provider that enables people to pay bills with credit and debit cards regardless of whether or not the recipient accepts them. This program allows you to grow your business quickly by processing card payments through an electronic bank system. It allows you to get cash quickly and securely whenever you need it, and you can even pay using credit cards that aren’t accepted elsewhere. Plastiq provides you with wire money, allowing you to avoid cash shortages and have some cash on hand in case of an emergency.

Now you can increase your profit margins and receive a variety of benefits, and Plastiq has a lot to offer, like early pay discounts, cash-back, and the ability to earn rewards on your favorite credit card. This program is entirely functioning in terms of professional characteristics, such as standout performance with suppliers, speedy payment, and cash preservation for the next thing, and it has over 1.5 million customers worldwide.


#33.  smiONE

smiONE is a secure card management application for Visa Prepaid cards. Users may check their card balances, spending trends, and activity right from their phones with this app. It offers its cardholders faster and simpler payment processing alternatives.

Simple to use, read, and provide information on all things related to cards. The app also informs you of any pending deposits. A single user can see how much he has spent and how much money he has left.


Dollars on the Net is a cutting-edge technology solution that allows businesses to send money by getting authorizations and sending credit card batches to their processor. This program includes current transaction management capabilities that provide a valuable transaction service to your business.

This software, in addition to transactions, expanded its offerings by rebranding and allowing merchants and partners to access services with a new interface. This program is now linked to shift4 for more dependable and better services, and it has a variety of features and functions, including centrally controlled transactions, numerous Omni-channels with in-store, online, gift card, and mobile operations, and more.


#35. Clearent

Clearent is a payment processing software that includes transaction data and allows for easy mobile payments. The platform offers a straightforward credit card processing solution with quick funding and no hidden costs, and funds are transferred the next business day. Users can pay from anywhere at any time, and it takes payments from a variety of sources.

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It also takes all types of cards, including chip cards and mobile wallets, and has one of the fastest fund processing systems. It includes a Credit Card Terminal, which enables users to accept the customer’s preferred method of payment in person. Furthermore, users can take their clients’ payments online using its Paylink services by simply copying and pasting the link to their website for payment acceptance.


#36. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a feature-rich mobile payment service that uses Samsung Knox tokenization for added protection. The merchant and the payer do not need to exchange card or bank information due to the high-security mechanism. Samsung Pay is compatible with any terminal that has magnetic strips, EMV, or NFC, allowing merchants to accept cashless payments with ease.

This mobile service also includes registration steps that allow customers to spend less time in line. Multiple businesses and people can use Samsung Pay to provide their users and customers with a more secure and advanced payment alternative. Samsung Pay is compatible with both online retailers and Android apps.


#37. Paymill


Pymill is a smart payment processing software that lets you accept payments via SaaS, mobile phones, and a variety of e-commerce platforms. This program offers small e-commerce firms the best level of protection for professional credit or debit card processing. This program is created specifically for businesses to build rapid checkouts, and customers may use it from anywhere, at any time, on their cellphones.

Paymill software uses non-technical, extensive connectors to provide merchants with irresistible and increasing value. Paymill also provides time-saving and safe online payments to web-based merchants. Paymill allows you to reach out to a large number of people or customers by offering over 100 currencies in over 30 countries.


#38.  CCBill, LLC

CCBill is an online payment solution that lets you pay bills online, handle credit cards, and send electronic invoices. The software is helping clients all over the world with its excellent management rules and providing industries with hassle-free bulk payment services. If you have a credit card transaction or have purchased something from a website, CCBill will handle the online payment procedure for any product order or subscription.

Comprehensive account management, canceling a subscription, updating your billing information, multi-secure payments, and currency option are just a few of the options available. CCBill is built on a flexible infrastructure that is securely coupled to a localized payment process, allowing it to instantly handle payments from anywhere in the world. Payment processing, billing solutions, fraud prevention, marketing services, 24/7 support, and more are all essential services for retailers.

#38. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the company’s most popular cashless and cardless transaction option. It uses contactless technology to allow consumers to pay for items on the web, through apps, and even in-store. Users’ credit card and bank account information is stored by the service, and none of this information is sent to the receiver.

It’s a powerful solution that makes the transaction more secure because it won’t be disrupted on the air by cybercrime. Businesses may provide a higher level of protection to their clients and protect themselves from all types of cybercrime with the help of this service.


#40.  Monzo

Monzo is a platform that makes banking simple by allowing users to spend, save, and manage their money all in one place. The website even allows customers to receive their salary a day early at no additional expense. It also assists users in balancing their earnings between expenses and savings.

Users can divide their money into other categories, such as rent and other expenditures, on the platform, and spend it wisely. It also allows users to earn 0.88 percent interest on their savings if they keep them on the app for a year.


#41. Razorpay

Razorpay is a software platform that enables businesses to take payments from customers and automate payouts to vendors and workers. The platform has the simplest integrations, with a fully loaded checkout, top-notch performance, and the ability to accept all payment methods. It allows customers to view real-time statistics and insights as well as access and control their payments and transfers.

Customers can pay using payment links they can distribute by SMS, email, or messengers, and businesses can be paid using the platform. If a business does not have a website or app for cash-on-delivery, the payment links can help.


#42. Payrexx


Payrexx is a payment processing platform that enables businesses to securely and simply manage payments from clients all around the world. It doesn’t require any website-building or coding knowledge and accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

The platform provides customers with a place to buy products, subscriptions, and services online through its pages. Users can use the Paylink feature of the services to send a payment request via email or other social media channels. It complies with PCI level 1 and accepts over 200 different payment methods.

#43 Revolut

Revolut is a smart platform that offers you a variety of ways to manage your money through comprehensive banking services. The software offers EUR and GBP bank accounts, a credit card or MasterCard, fee-free currency exchange, stock trading, peer-to-peer payments, and cryptocurrency exchange. Revolut is a dependable choice for commission-free crypto, gold, and stock trading, as well as a simple way to manage money through spending analytics.

Automatic set budgets, quick spending notifications, weekly insight, save money with benefits, unlock new offers, split bills, round payments, and more are among Revolut’s regular features. You can monitor real-time cryptocurrency rates on Revolut, and you can also set up price alerts. The software displays an anti-fraud system that improves the system by 4 to 8 times, and you have complete control over online payments and ATM withdrawals.


#44.  Cashless

Cashfree is a payment distribution technology that enables expanding businesses to quickly accept and disburse payments. With over a hundred payment alternatives, the site is well-known for its national and international payment gateway. It offers quick settlements, with customers being able to access their funds within 15 minutes of payment capture.

Customers do not have to type their card information every time they use the platform because it allows marketers to make their website look like a checkout page. It allows businesses to stop users’ payments if they cancel an order within a week, and the business then refunds the payment in full.

#45 Escrow.com

Escrow.com is a safe and secure online marketplace that allows users to purchase and sell without incurring additional fees and operates as a middleman between buyers and sellers. Both parties communicate via this platform, with the buyer transferring payment and the seller transferring the item or whatever the customer is purchasing.

After inspecting the vehicle or verifying the website’s domain, the buyer accepts it, and Escrow.com transfers the funds to the seller. The network accepts a variety of currencies, including US dollars, Euros, and other currencies, and allows merchants to use its online marketplaces.


#46.  Fortumo

Fortumo is a digital enablement and payment service platform that enables customers to make frictionless payments with their SIM cards. The program allows customers to purchase anything online by charging it to their phone bill, and it works on both smartphones and desktop computers. It is an excellent payment option for folks who do not have access to a credit card.

The service is simple to use because it does not need users to fill out forms or create accounts. Customers also benefit from high-end security, with no personal information revealed during transactions. Users can begin using the service by obtaining it via online SDK or Hosted DCB.


#47.  IPPay

IPPay is a global payment processing solution provider whose payment connections across numerous channels have made it a global leader. The platform is the way to go for your business to streamline productivity with easy handling and management of payments and accounts, so be the first to have a properly functioning payment processing facility on the move. IPPay is the ideal and nimble approach to deal with your bills or fees on a regular basis, thanks to its systemized scheduling.

With its versatile and dependable services, the platform caters to all types of recurring payment requirements. Electronic payment processing, risk mitigation, a seamless conversion procedure, card processing, recurring revenue, card processing, account continuator, and other services are available. Furthermore, IPPay is a one-stop shop for all of your electronic payments, gateway services, and merchant services, so take advantage of the exceptional service at your leisure.

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