What Is ZoloUs?

ZoloUs Review Is ZoloUs Legit

ZoloUs Review

Is ZoloUs Legit

If you’ve followed my past blog posts, you should know that I write unbiased reviews.

So Today, I’ll be review a new website, ZoloUs.com, according to what they claim, They are aiming for a sustainable environment, they didn’t mean they’d prevent natural hazards like erosion, LOL.

What the website is claiming is that you should invest in their digital coin known as Hydra or HDA in its short form.

Well, I came across this website when a friend of mine posted it on his Facebook time-line, I saw many people interested in it and neither could I ignore, so I decided to make my personal research and then eventually write the ZoloUs Review.

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I don’t think the website is real….. Why?

After carrying out my backend research on the so called ZoloUs, I decided it’s not real, but why do I think so? You should check the reasons below.

1. It’s New

The website claims to be created in 2019, I am not disputing that fact because it might be true, the domain name was registered in 2019.

But it seems that the website started functioning in August 2020.

Also, their social media pages especially Facebook wasn’t active until August, 2020.

To add up, anything you search relating ZoloUs will be recently posted articles, dated right in August, 2020!

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This is to prove that the website is new.ZoloUs ReviewIs ZoloUs Legit

2. Anonymous Company…??

For me, I doubt if there’s any company that has anything to do with this website.

Although they claim that they have many directors and maybe managers but we’ve not seen a single person who says he/she is associated with the website / company.

The address they left too is considered by me to be fake because I tried to locate them on Google Map but all to no avail, all I found was a school and a café near to the address.

Every company has a contact number, whether a small company or a large one right? But the case is different here, they don’t even have a single contact number.

What are they hiding? Their identity??

3…… Lies Upon Lies!!!

I’ve seen somewhere where the website claims they have thousands of members, Really???

But their social media pages doesn’t reflect that at all.Or Could it be that their members are not on social media(s)?

ZoloUs Review

Is ZoloUs Legit

4. Free HDA Daily? Really??

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Is ZoloUs Legit

According to the website, they said 380HDA is equivalent to $180, which is seemingly true, BUT!

The Funniest part is when you join, you’re gifted with free 380HDA and if you used a referral link to join, you’ll get 500HDA! And you’ll be happy that your total earning summed up to $528 for just joining!

Another funny story, you’d be given 380HD for free on a daily basis.

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Does that look real to you?No! It shouldn’t, Let’s say for example, they have 100000 members, does not mean they’d give all their members $18000000 daily?

Wow, they must be incredibly rich! How come we’ve not heard of them?? Aren’t they supposed to be like some multi-trillionaire company?

Is ZoloUs Legit

5. They are PURE SCAM!

“Invest In Our Crypto Currency, Let’s Have a Sustainable Environment” That’s what they claim, LOL.

The bitter truth is, this website is a SCAM.

Quick Question: How can you invest with them? Can I Pay with My Debit Card??

Nope, the available payment methods are by paying with some CRYPTO CURRENCIES like Bitcoin and ethereum!!! Isn’t that fishy?

They claim you’d be able to fully use their currency and even exchange it with other currencies when their mobile app comes out in October / December, 2020. Seriously??

ZoloUs Review

Is ZoloUs Legit

Is ZoloUs Legit / Real

This is an updated portion of the post

Hydra is a real crypto currency as it is listed on Trust Wallet, but trust me, it doesn’t mean ZoloUs is any way associated with it.

Any one could create a website like that, making HDA to be the default currency that will be gifted daily to members.

Recently, I visited the website again and saw that they’re accepting donation…


Is ZoloUs Legit

ZoloUs Review (ReviewMr’s Verdict)

Well, I took my time to make my research and write this ZoloUs Review and I came to the decision that they’re scam. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF INVESTING IN ‘HDA’.If you invest, you might end up giving away your hard earned money to them.Any website that claims to be giving users $10 daily is mostly pure scam! Don’t waste your time with them.

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