What Is Nicargo?

Nicargo Review

How To Ship Goods From China To Nigeria With Nicargo.com

Nicargo is a trusted and reliable logistic and shipping company in nigeria that you can rely on when you use them, their services are fast, cheap and package safe and weightless.

You may have been searching for shipping companies in nigeria that can ship goods from China to Nigeria but got not you want, maybe the price of shipping per kg, shipping date or products weight. Well, when use Nicargo.com, you shouldn’t be bothered about the above mentions because they’ll help you to compress the weight of goods, shipping date are fast and their shipping price are cheaper than others.

Nicargo Review

How To Ship Goods From China To Nigeria Using Nicargo.com

Nicargo is also a procurement company that can help you procure your goods from China and pay your sellers for you then ship your goods from China to Nigeria after processing them in China.

Is Nicargo Legit?

They are 2 major ways they can procure your goods which are:

1. Buying from 1688.com, Alibaba.com, Taobao.com, Aliexpress.com and any other selling Chinese marketplace website for online shoppers.

2. Buying directly from the manufacturer physical address.

How To Ship Goods From China To Nigeria With Nicargo.com

Note that Nicargo.com can also pay your sellers by following the below Steps.

1. All you need to do first is to create an account or login your account on Nicargo.com

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2. You’ll be directed to your Nicargo.com account dashboard where you’ll see different options and profile editing etc.

3. Now, Click the ” New Order ” button and feel up all the required data’s like products website link (e.g 1688, Alibaba, Taobao, Aliexpress etc) and products descriptions illustrated at the same page.

4. Click the “Order Now” button after filling the above.

5. Now wait for some minutes, let them start processing your order.

Note that you’ll be notified about your order process through SMS and email.

Nicargo Review

Is Nicargo Legit?

Nicargo Review (Is Nicargo Legit and Safe?)

Now you may ask (Is Nicargo Legit?), Yes it is, Nicargo is legit and safe to use.

Aside that, their service is very fast and affordable.

Nicargo.com is a trusted shipping company

Your are safe to use them

How To Ship Goods From China To Nigeria With Nicargo.com

Is Nicargo Legit?

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