What Is Schoolmax?

Schoolmax Review

Set for it’s release on the 30th of September, 2020. Schoolmax is a unique social network created for students and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

We’ve seen Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes but Schoolmax is unique because of the great idea behind it.

The upcoming social network has been in anticipation for months as the young creator kept hyping it.

Schoolmax was created by a young Nigerian programmer, Wisdom Chidozie who’s also the founder of Xbuzz Inc.

Schoolmax Review

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Schoolmax Registration

Schoolmax registration is simple, all you need to register is your:

  • Your name
  • Your E-mail
  • Your desired username
  • Your desired password
  • Gender
  • Date Of Birth

Schoolmax Login

The Schoolmax Login Interface is simple and all your need is your:

  • Username or Email used in registration
  • Your password

Schoolmax Review

Some Features Of Schoolmax

Apart from it’s simple and unique design, here are some other features of the social network.

Discover Trending Topics

With the help of Hash Tags, just like Twitter or other social medias, you can discover the trending topics that’s currently gaining people’s attention.

Funding Request

This is another outstanding feature of the social network, as we all know, not all students depend of their parents for money.

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Some are even orphans and they need cash to set up a business or keep their current business moving.

Schoolmax is helping by setting up a fundraising system to help the students gather donations right on the social network.

Any registered member can set up a fundraiser for his/herself or business.

Schoolmax Review

Schoolmax Registration

Schoolmax Login

Publish Posts

What’s on your mind??? Let the people know!

You can publish posts, add emojis, pictures, videos and even links and share it for the public to see.

Dark Mode

You can also toggle between the light or the dark mode!


What’s a social media without the chatting feature?

Here, It is made possible for you to chat and connect with students from all over the world.

Make new friends, learn new things together

Selling Products

You can also sell your products! How?

When you use the #market hash tag when posting, your post would be listed on the market section and can be easily discovered.

CV Creation

Guess what???

You can create your own Curriculum Vitae with Schoolmax Visual VC Builder!!! This is the feature I found interesting most.


When you refer others to join, you stand a chance of winning gifts like airtime, t-shirts and cash!!!

Latest Updates

The social media has a blog (blog.schoolmax.com.ng) where latest school updates, scholarships news, etc would be posted.

Schoolmax Review

Schoolmax Registration

Schoolmax Login

Schoolmax Review (Review Mr’s Verdict)

I urge you to join schoolmax! It’s a great idea and I believe together, we can grow the social media.

You can follow me on Schoolmax @Oladimeji Abubakar ? I’d follow back

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Schoolmax Review

Schoolmax Registration

Schoolmax Login

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