What Is Bitnamix?

Bitnamix Review

Is Bitnamix Legit

Bitnamix is said to be an international crowdfunding platform and the first one to offer a Residual Paying Unilevel and Instant Paying 2×2 Matrix.

Just like some smart contracts, it claims to be a self-executing program in blockchain.

This enables the payments to be sent to members immediately based on the matrix or unlevel marketing plan.

Bitnamix is a peer-to-peer community of platform members

It was launched in September, 2020.

Bitnamix Review

Is Bitnamix Legit

Bitnamix Founder

While doing my research, I couldn’t find the founder (or founders) of the platform.

But on the website, they claim it belongs to a group of enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency field.

They also claim the founders are also members of the community but they don’t have extra privileges.

How Does Bitnamix Work?

Well, according to their website, the following example shows exactly how the platform profit matrix works.

When an investor gets in Bitnamix native money pool, they are provided with access to twelve different levels/methods of earning.

Once the first row is filled, the earnings would be spilled over to one’s referrer (upline) while some of the earnings also go to the investor’s original sponsor.

In the position 3, 4 and 5. The profits made are given to the original investor.

Bitnamix Review

Is Bitnamix Legit

Then after the 6th position is done with, the whole process takes place over again.

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It is should be noted that every time a new matrix is started, every new power level up has a double effect on one’s potential earnings volume.

Some of the other core features of Bitnamix worth noting

Users have unlimited amount of time to fill out their individual matrices – there is no expiration when it comes to the operational output of any matrix.

All the users operating within the first to the twelfth layer is incentivized to participate further in the program.

Investors who are able to start with at least the first six packages have the privilege to triple their existing bitcoin holdings within the first seven days of making use of the platform.

Why Bitnamix Unilevel?

When users subscribe to the platform’s 1st Unilevel, they are given direct access to the platform’s compensation plan.

They’re also given the right to make use of certain residual Unilevel parts of the framework.

Bitnamix Review

Is Bitnamix Legit

Important aspects of Unilevel include:

1. Users will be able to get complete access to the company’s full compensation plan.

2. Users are given access to uninterrupted access to the platform’s proprietary Marketing system.

3. Subscribers can make use of 6 income streams each and every month in addition to the original profit matrix.

The exact remuneration scheme is as follows:

1st level – 3%
2nd level – 5%
3rd level – 7%
4th level – 13%
5th level – 25%
6th level – 42%

Bitnamix Registration

Here are the details needed for Bitnamix Registration:

  • Your functioning email address,
  • Your desired password.
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Bitnamix Login

You can only login after successful registration, here are the details needed for Bitnamix Login:

  • Your email address
  • Password used during sign up

Bitnamix Review

Is Bitnamix Legit

Is Bitnamix Legit?

Well, it’s too early to decide but as for me, everything isn’t okay about the platform.

A bitcoin smart contract??? Cos that’s what it seems to me.

After registration, I noticed there’s a message to pay $25 for the Admin fee….. Admin fee???

Or should I call it a ponzi scheme? Sure sounds like one.

Also while making my research, I checked other competitors blog and they’re not saying one good thing about the platform.

Is Bitnamix Scam?

With no solid proof yet, I can’t just pronounce Bitnamix scam

But if you’d ask for my opinion, DO NOT JOIN.

Bitnamix Review (Conclusion)

Like i said earlier, I don’t recommend joining the platform.

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Bitnamix Review

Is Bitnamix Legit

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