What Is Nairaloop?

Nairaloop Review

According to the information I was able to gather on their website, Nairaloop Investment is a just another investment platform just like Gozmining and others.

Here, you get your ROI by trading your money which you don’t need to do by yourself.

The platform claims to have experts who will make use of the money you invested, trade it and make profit with it and then, you can get your ROI.

I tried to check the WHOIS information of their domain name and the only relevant information I could find is the registration date.

The domain was registered on the Eighteenth Of November 2020. Which makes it 1 month and 18 days old as at the time this Nairaloop Review was written.

When you visit their official website, you’ll find out that you can’t do the investment there, instead, you need to download the Nairaloop App on Google Playstore.

Since this platform is new, you might be wondering “Is Nairaloop Legit Or Scam?” Well, you’d be able to decide for yourself after reading this review.

How Does Nairaloop Investment Work?

This platform works the same way other investment platforms work.

The only difference is that they use their own “virtual currency” which is NLC.

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On this platform, you can invest with as low as 5000NLC (₦5000) and get your return after a few days.

To invest on the platform, you have to register first and then invest.

You can deposit into your account using either;

  • Perfect Money
  • Using Crypto currency

Also, you should know before you can invest, you must have downloaded the Nairaloop App

Nairaloop Review

Nairaloop Investment Packages

There are seven investment packages on Nairaloop Investment. Take a look at them.

Gold1 Package

  • Period Of Investment – 10 Days
  • Minimum Investment – 5000NLC
  • Maximum Investment – 5000NLC
  • Total Interest – 50% (ROI)
  • Withdrawal Interval – 10 Days
  • Capital Accessible After Investment Elapses

Is Nairaloop Legit

Gold2 Package

  • Period Of Investment – 12 Days
  • Minimum Investment – 10000NLC
  • Maximum Investment – 10000NLC
  • Total Interest – 50% (ROI)
  • Withdrawal Interval – 12 Days
  • Capital Accessible After Investment Elapses

Gold3 Package

  • Period Of Investment – 15 Days
  • Minimum Investment – 20000NLC
  • Maximum Investment – 20000NLC
  • Total Interest – 50% (ROI)
  • Withdrawal Interval – 15 Days
  • Capital Accessible After Investment Elapses

Gold4 Package

  • Period Of Investment – 20 Days
  • Minimum Investment – 50000NLC
  • Maximum Investment – 50000NLC
  • Total Interest – 50% (ROI)
  • Withdrawal Interval – 20 Days
  • Capital Accessible After Investment Elapses

Diamond1 Package

  • Period Of Investment – 22 Days
  • Minimum Investment – 100000NLC
  • Maximum Investment – 100000NLC
  • Total Interest – 50.000000001% (ROI)
  • Withdrawal Interval – 22 Days
  • Capital Accessible After Investment Elapses

Diamond2 Package

  • Period Of Investment – 25 Days
  • Minimum Investment – 200000NLC
  • Maximum Investment – 200000NLC
  • Total Interest – 50% (ROI)
  • Withdrawal Interval – 25 Days
  • Capital Accessible After Investment Elapses
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Diamond3 Package

  • Period Of Investment – 30 Days
  • Minimum Investment – 300000NLC
  • Maximum Investment – 300000NLC
  • Total Interest – 66.999999999% (ROI)
  • Withdrawal Interval – 30 Days
  • Capital Accessible After Investment Elapses

Nairaloop Review

Is Nairaloop Legit

Nairaloop Referral Program

The platform also has an affiliate program whereby if Mr A refers Mr B to join the program, Mr A receives 5% of the amount Mr B invests.

Nairaloop Registration On The Nairaloop App

For the registration, you’d have to download the Nairaloop App on Google Playstore.

And then you can register for free. Here are the information you’ll need while registering;

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Referral ID which is ‘Oladimeji’ (without the quote)

After registration, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from them.

Click on the link required to verify your account and then you can log in after successful verifying your email address.

Nairaloop Review

Nairaloop Login

To login on Nairaloop, you must have registered.

Simply open the application and enter you;

  • Email Address and
  • Password

Used while registering.

Nairaloop Founder

I tried to find some information about the founder of the platform, but I couldn’t.

This is a big red-flag as people seem to trust platforms with a known founder as there’d be someone to hold responsible if anything happens.

Meanwhile, they shared their contact information.

Nairaloop Review (Specs)

Name: Nairaloop/Nairaloop Investment

Website Type: Investment

URL: nairaloop.com

Registration Fee: Nil

Age: 1month, 18 days.

Legit Or Scam?: Find out.

Nairaloop Review

Is Nairaloop Legit Or Scam?

For almost all the past investment websites that I’ve reviewed in the past, I had mutual decisions about them, except this one.

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First, Nairaloop Investment isn’t registered with CAC. Although being registered doesn’t guarantee they’re real or not but like I used to say, “It is a step further in making the potential investors trust you”.

Secondly, there’s no information about their founder and this is common to many investment websites.

Also, their website is basically the Nairaloop App landing page, and it has little information about the platform.

BUT even with all that, I think you should give Nairaloop a try, at least, the cheapest package which is 5000NLC.

BUT why?

First, Nairaloop is not promising more than what’s possible to give.

Almost all their packages have the 50% ROI except for the last one.

And also the period of investment, I believe it’s enough to make the 50% ROI if they have the professional traders like they claimed.

So I can’t particularly say if Nairaloop is Legit Or Scam.

Have you tried Nairaloop? What’s your experience with them? Please share in the comment section.

Nairaloop Review

Is Nairaloop Legit

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