What Is Rift Link?

Rift Link Review – Rift Link is the very first centralized copy trading service in Africa. This innovative service was developed to help clients benefit from the forex market without actively trading themselves. With Rift Link, clients are assured to get freedom to go about their regular daily activities (jobs, businesses, schooling) while having active trading accounts generating monthly profits.

Capital security is guaranteed with also guaranteed with their Risk Management and Capital Safety Policy. With Rift Link, every client is in full control of their capital with a minimum profit margin of:

  • 25% on their capital monthly.
  • Client deposits capital in the personal trading account.
  • The client pays 5% of trading capital as a monthly service fee.
  • Client submits trading account details for linking.
  • They trade with a minimum profit target of 25% monthly.
  • The client is in full control of the trading account and can withdraw capital anytime.

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What Is Rift Mutual?

A mutual fund service offered under the Rift Link banner. This service was developed specifically for clients who do not have a trading account or the documents required to open one. With Rift Mutual, clients deposit their capital into an already existing trading account, this deposit is processed through an independent ledger to guarantee accessibility and transparency.

  • Clients are able to enjoy a more stable profit-generating model with a fixed profit margin of 20% on their capital monthly.
  • Client deposits capital in an already existing trading account through an independent ledger.
  • Client pays 10% of trading capital as a quarterly service fee.
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Client receives Subscription Info Packet containing;

  • Memorandum of understanding, Terms of service and Trading
  • account details with investors password to monitor account
  • activity.
  • Client receives a fixed 20% profit on deposited capital monthly for 3 months.
  • Client has full access to view trading account activities and can
  • Request withdrawal anytime

How Does It Work?

Rift Link Review – Is Rift Link Legit

  • You create a trading account (Mt4), fund it with your desired capital and link it to their Master Account for a fee. If you don’t have a trading account click “here” to speak to support.
  • They will place trades on the master account and it automatically reflects on your account as well, with “take profit” and “stop loss”
  • Thanks to their team of top Price Action Analysts they target a monthly profit of 25% of your account Capital after 20 trading days.
  • Your capital security is guaranteed with their STRICT RISK MANAGEMENT AND CAPITAL SAFETY POLICY.
  • You do NOT give them your money to trade, you are in FULL CONTROL of your funds, They only link your account to theirs, Their profit is your profit.
  • You get 25% ROI Monthly which you can withdraw.
  • You can discontinue from the service ANYTIME, your money won’t be hanging anywhere.

Who Is Rift Link Founder?

Rift Link Review – Is Rift Link Legit

Mr Samuel Oni is the CEO and the founder of Rift Link.

At Rift Capital, our end goal is complete financial inclusion, reducing unemployment, eradicating poverty, and bridging the wide gap called financial inequality. We will definitely turn Africa’s economy around beginning with our first one million subscribers.


Rift Link Registration

It’s actually very easy to register on the platform, you are going to need these information to sign up:

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  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Password

Is Rift Link Legit?

I’ve investigated this platform, and also used some tools and measures to find out their credibility. I’m happy to inform you that this platform is safe, secure, legit, and credible.

Rift Link Review

What’s your experience with Rift Link so far? Share with us!

Website: riftlink.riftacademy.org
Instagram: instagram.com/rift_fx
Twitter: twitter.com/RiftCapital_
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rift-capital-ltd

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