Infernotrades Review Is Infernotrades Legit

This Infernotrades Review will let you know everything you need to know about the new high yield investment program (HYIP). At the end of the review, your “Is Infernotrades Legit or Scam” question should be answered.

What Is Infernotrades All About?

This platform is just another HYIP like the recently reviewed AITradingHub and others that I reviewed in the past.

  • They claim to be one of the most active and largest trading communities online. Claiming that more than 8million traders come together to discuss, analyze and trade the markets.
  • They also claim that on their platform, both active traders and investors are have free access to analysis, publish trading ideas and discuss real-time markets.
  • They claim to partner with the best brokerages and bring more transparency to financial markets
  • And lastly, they claim their goal is to help investors and traders with their charting and research and also give them a trustworthy way to act.

As per the information I found on their website, they are located in 47 Princes Road, Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom, KT13 9BN. They are also a registered company, incorporated on the 25th of January 2021 with the company number 13156632.

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Who is the Founder?

Well, no information about the founder was provided on the website, but there’s one person affiliated with the company (He supposedly registered it). 

His name is Tommy Edwards.

Continue reading this Infernotrades Review to find more information about the platform.

Why You Should Trust Them (According To Them)


Access powerful analysis tools, innovative social features, and automated risk management

Trade with a globally recognized broker

We have 24 years’ experience in financial trading and offer pricing on a wide range of global CFD instruments. Access tight spreads via the powerful MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

The perfect cryptocurrency trading solution streaming

Bank on Inferno Trades experience as a global fintech leader since the early days of Blockchain to provide you with a complete crypto trading solution. Whether you’re a crypto beginner or a seasoned coiner, accessing a world of crypto services has never been easier.

How Does It Work?

This platform also works in a simple way;

  • Register for free
  • Deposit
  • Invest
  • Wait
  • Withdraw!

There are two ways of earning on this platform:

  • Referring
  • Investing


There are three level of referring on the platform

5% 2% 1%

This means that you earn 5% of your direct downline deposits, then when your downline refers another person, you get 2% of that person’s deposits, also when your downline’s referrals refer another person, you get 1% of their deposits.


This is the primary way of making money on the platform:

There are three investment packages on the website. You invest, wait for some days for your ROI to grow and then withdraw.

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Investment Packages

There are just three investment packages on this platform, and they are;

1. 3% Daily For 50 Days

  • Minimum Investment – $15
  • Maximum Investment – $1000
  • Total Returns (ROI) – 150%
  • Capital returned after 50 days
  • Capital Withdrawable
    With 15% Fee After 1 day

2. 3.5% Daily For 50 Days

  • Minimum Investment – $1001
  • Maximum Investment – $5000
  • Total Returns (ROI) – 175%
  • Capital returned after 50 days
  • Capital Withdrawable
    With 15% Fee After 1 day

3. 4% Daily For 50 Days

  • Minimum Investment – $5001
  • Maximum Investment – $100000
  • Total Returns (ROI) – 200%
  • Capital returned after 50 days
  • Capital Withdrawable
    With 15% Fee After 1 day

Infernotrades Registration

The registration is totally free of charge. Here are the information you will need to provide while registering:


  • Your Name
  • Your Username
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Upline (Optional)
  • Security Question
  • Your Payment Account
  • Your Password

Infernotrades Login

To log in on the platform, you must have successfully registered. Here are the information you will provide to log in:

  • Username
  • Password

Infernotrades Review (Quick Overview)

Website Type: HYIP

Website URL:

Registration Fee: Free

Min Investment: 15USD

Max Investment: 100,000USD

Founder: Tommy Edwards (Unconfirmed)

Is Infernotrades Legit?: Yes, check below. 

Is Infernotrades Legit?

Now, to round up this Infernotrades Review, here is what I know;

First things first, I’m going to answer your question by saying YES, currently, the platform is legit and paying. As at the time this review was written, the platform is just a day old and it has 46 + members, 1721.83USD deposits and 204USD withdrawals have been made.

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At least, that was what I saw on their website, but they are indeed paying for now.

You can invest, but always remember to invest wisely.


This is the end of my Infernotrades Review, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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