What Is Mydailymula?

Mydailymula is just another investment website and like I did for other investment websites like Polyvorex Review, I decided to also write Mydailymula Review.

Questions like “Is Mydailymula Legit?” might be running through your mind, and I’d try to answer that, let’s just get started.

The platform claims to be a global investment management company that offers various financial services to individuals and financial institutions.

With the information on their website, I was able to find out (as they claim) that they are Forex Traders and Cryptocurrency miners.

We are Crypto miners and Forex traders. We discovered that people don’t really know how to trade or to do crypto mining to make a real profit, while Forex trading may be so cumbersome for some people to learn.

So, that’s what they’re here for, they claim to be professionals that’d help you trade your invested money and make profit, then give you your ROI.

“Is Mydailymula Legit?” Let’s continue!

How Does Mydailymula Works?

Like I already said above, they claim to be professionals that’d trade your money, make profit and give you your returns.

As we all know, Crypto and Forex trading are games of win or lose but there are professionals who are good in it and can guarantee profits.

There are two ways you can earn money on the platform;

  • Investment
  • Affiliate/Referring
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Investment Packages

There are just four investment packages on the platform, they are;

Essential Plan

  • Here, you invest a fixed amount of $7.87
  • You will earn $0.46 daily for 30days (that’s $13.8 in 30days)
  • Your investment is safe (as they claim)

Team Plan

  • Here, you invest a fixed amount of $13.12
  • You will earn $0.77 daily for 30days (that’s $22.97 in 30days)
  • Your investment is safe (as they claim)

Corporate Plan

  • Here, you invest a fixed amount of $26.3
  • You will earn $1.27 daily for 30days (that’s $45.93 in 30days)
  • Your investment is safe (as they claim)

Enterprise Plan

  • Here, you invest a fixed amount of $52.5
  • You will earn $2.93 daily for 30days (that’s $91.86 in 30days)
  • Your investment is safe (as they claim)

After you might have registered and you want to invest, you’d need to buy a code to do that.

What do I mean?

For example, I signed up for the Essential Plan which is $7.87, to activate the investment, instead of depositing my account like most investment websites are, I’m going to buy a code.

There are many vendors to buy from and they’re listed on the website.

I’m going to contact any of them, pay the $7.87 and then my investment would be activated and I’ll start earning my daily ROI.


The second way you can earn on the platform is by referring others to join. You’ll earn 10% of all your referrals deposits within the 30 days of their subscription.

If Mr A refers Mr B and then Mr B subscribes for the Enterprise Plan which is $52.5

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Mr A will earn 10% of that $52.5 which is $5.25

If they are indeed professionals as they claim, well…Let’s continue with the Mydailymula Review.

Mydailymula Registration

To register on the platform is totally free of charge, here are just the things you’ll need to register.

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Username
  • Your Password
  • Your E-mail Address
  • Your Referrer (Optional)
  • The Plan You Are Signing Up For

Mydailymula Login

To log in on the website, you must have successfully registered. To login, you’d need these details;

  • Your Username or Email Address
  • Your Chosen Password

Mydailymula Review (Overview)

These are the quick things you should know about the platform;

Website Type: Investment

Website URL: https://mydailymula.com

Founder: Not stated

Age: 23 days

Registration Fee: None

Is Mydailymula Legit?: See below.

Is Mydailymula Legit Or Scam?

To wrap up Mydailymula Review, I wouldn’t call the platform a scam, it’s still new and I don’t want to judge too quickly. But, here are my thoughtss;

First of all, they don’t really involve large investment. What I mean by this is unlike some other investment platforms, their largest package is $52.5 which is little compared to other investment platforms.

Their ROI is also considerable.

They provide little information about the platform on their website and they didn’t provide any information about the founder too.

Are they registered? Yes, with CAC? No!!

They’re registered with Small And Medium Enterprises Development of Nigeria (SMEDAN)

I’m not saying it’s not valid, but they could’ve registered with CAC…. I mean, anyone can register on SMEDAN and get the certificate within 30 minutes.

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My conclusion is that the platform is most likely to be SCAM.

I hope I’ve answered your “Is Mydailymula Legit” Question!

Let me see what you think in the comment section!

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