Read this Africgold Review to know everything about Africgold mining – Is Africgold legit or scam? Find out.

What Is AfricGold Mining?

AfricGold Mining

AfricGold Mining is said to be a Gold-backed digital mining application designed to be a highly secure platform design for future miners. AFRICGOLD is a dual-purpose platform made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity to utilize AFGOLD Virtual mining technique, which is intended for evaluating mining revenue and as well as the conversion of AFGOLD units to real-world money and cash out as at when due.

How does It work?

Buy A Membership Pin

Contact one of their dispatch retailers to buy a membership pin for any plan/package you want to register with.

Create Account

Create a user profile for yourself using the register option and get ready to mine.

Start Mining

Now you are ready to mine! Increase the mining power on the fly for all the coins using AfricGold.

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Get Mining Output

You will periodically receive mining output from your designated wallet. Try the AfricGold mining platform now!

AfricGold Membership Pin

Below Embodies AfricGold Trusted Secret Strings Dispatchers. You Can Contact Any Of Them For Your AFGOLD Activation Code, And You Would Be Attended To Promptly.

26SMARD TV08121361882  
28EMMYBEST TV08132544189  

AfricGold Registration

AfricGold Registration

To register on africgold CLICK HERE, here are the piece of information you’ll need to enter;

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Country 
  • Password
  • Activation code (which you can purchase by contacting any of the above merchants)

AfricGold Login

AfricGold Login

To login on africgold, CLICK HERE. You only need to enter your username and password to login.

AfricGold Mining Plans

Skyway Gold Plan

The Skyway gold plan on africgold will earn you N110 per hour. This system makes use of auto mining, So if you can do this for the whole day, that N110 per hour will give you about N2640 per day. That means you can earn about N79,000 monthly.

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Pentium Gold Plan

The Pentium gold plan on africgold will earn you N50 per hour. So if you can do this for the whole day, that N50 per hour will give you about N1200 per day, That means you can earn about N36000 monthly.

Musk Gold Plan

The Musk gold plan on africgold will earn you N15 per hour, So if you can do this for the whole day, that N15 per hour, will give you that N360 per day. That means you can earn about N10,800 monthly.


Will AfricGold Crash?

It would never crash because there would always be enough funds to mine and earn. Units of gold supplied daily are prior to how much profit the platform makes daily. However, it’s a decentralized platform. You MINE, EARN, and withdraw as you wish.

AfricGold Review (Is AfricGold Legit Or Scam?

That’s the information on the africgold website, but believe me or not, AfricGold can’t last forever and it will end up crashing. This is definitely not the first of its kind, so where are the rest? Gone and forgotten! I’ll advise you that you shouldn’t be greedy, and pull out when you can.

What is the difference between AFRICGOLD and all these read news and comment to earn platforms?

AFRIGOLD has a functional cash reservoir, they do not depend on Google Adsense before paying her members. The Amount of AFGOLD supplied daily is what they can afford to pay. The company is monetized in different ways to ensure consistent mining cash flow.

Will I receive money daily?

As long as you earn every day, you can receive profit every day. It all depends on your hard work and dedication.

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If I don’t have referrals, Will I earn?

Absolutely, You will earn. AfricGold isn’t read news and comment-to-earn platform, and as such, no compulsory referral is needed.

How do I withdraw my earnings.

Your earnings would be credited to your account after attaining AfriGold minimum withdrawal threshold.

Please note that this AfricGold Review will be frequently updated to keep you abreast of whatever is going on!

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