Cori Anika Bush is an African-American politician serving currently as the first black woman elected to Congress in Missouri, a pastor, a registered nurse and a ‘black lives matter’ activist.

She was also featured alongside Ocasio Cortez and some others in the Netflix documentary ‘ Knock Down The House’, a documentary on working-class challenges running for Congress. She also confounded the Truth Telling Project and is a single mother with two children.

Cori Bush’s Net Worth

Cori’s net worth has been estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million, having an annual income of about $174,000 with her source of income being basically from her political career and being a registered nurse.


Cori Bush’S Early life

Cori Anika Bush was born on the 21st of July, 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri to her parents Errol Bush who was a politician and Barbara Bush who is a computer analyst.

In 1995, she attended Cardinal Ritter college Prep high school and graduated and then attended Harris-Stowe state university spending only a year there and went ahead to attend Lutheran school of nursing from the year 2005 to the year 2008 receiving a diploma as a registered nurse from that same institution.



Cori Anika Bush was born in St Louis, Missouri on the 21st of July, 1976 and is currently 46 years of age. Her father Errol Bush was also a politician while her mother Barbara Bush works as a computer analyst and have two siblings named Perry Bush and Kelli Bush.

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Her birth sign is Capricorn and for her physical appearance, she has a height of 5’8” (1.72m) and a weight of 75kg (165lbs). Her hair color is black and the color of her eyes are also black.



Cori Bush’s professional career started as a preschool teacher and in due time later she rose to become the school’s assistant director. She quit her job as an assistant director in the year 2001 when she was I’ll while being pregnant with her second child and a little while after giving birth to the child, both she and her husband at that time were sent out of the home they were renting.

In July 2008, she began her work as a registered nurse at SSM Health St Louis University Hospital.

Cori Bush is the founder of the Kingdom Embassy International Church in St Louis Missouri, where she established the church and after the Ferguson unrest where she worked as a triage nurse and organizer, her interest in politics came up. She was featured along with Ocasio Cortez and a few others in the Netflix documentary ‘Knock Down the House’ which was about working-class challenges opting for Congress.

For the 2016 US Senate election in Missouri, Cori was a candidate and in the year 2020, she announced to run against Lacy Clay and defeated Clay in the primary election after being endorsed by Brand New Congress, Justice Democrats, Sunrise Movement as well as others who were willing to endorse her at the time.

Also, Cori confounded the Truth Telling Project inspired by SA’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and is a Nonviolence 365 ambassador with the king center for Nonviolent society change.

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Personal life

Cori was once married but struggled so much during the time as her husband got more and more violent over time nearly killing her two different times with leaving her unconditionally in one of those incidents. She gave birth to her son Zion in the year 2000 with him staying barely 5 months in her tummy and having to stay by his side as he needed round-the-clock care and when she finally brought him back home, she was already pregnant again and gave birth to her daughter Angel the following year and according to her in an interview, she entered into politics to save the life of her son Zion as she had to raise her children as a single mother.

Wealth dependency

Her wealth comes basically from being a successful politician and a registered nurse. Also being a human rights activist, she gets to attend events and shows making her earn also in some cases.

Latest news

Cori Bush as a successful congresswoman keeps standing up for blacks in Missouri taking the lead on campaigns and standing as a speaker on their behalf even if she may have enemies because of her stand, trying to take away her position in the congress from her she still makes sure to stand up for what she believes is right and continuing her works as an activist in a peaceful and nonviolent way.

Though Steve Roberts among others has filed to take her up on the congress seat saying she is not ready for the work of a congresswoman and Cori Bush has replied to him in a calm way taking her stand firmly as she is ready to hold her position to fight for her people.

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Cori Bush is a successful politician who also is the first African-American woman from Missouri to serve as the US representative for Missouri’s first congressional district and also is a registered nurse, a pastor as she established the kingdom Embassy International Church in St Louis, Missouri and a ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist. She attended Cardinal Ritter college Prep high school in 1995, spent a year at Harris-Stowe state university and also attended the Lutheran school of nursing and received a diploma as a registered nurse. She was married but faced domestic violence from her husband as he almost killed her twice and so she had to raise her two children as a single mother.

Cori also confounded the Truth Telling Project and was featured in ‘Knock Down The House’ a Netflix documentary. She currently has a net worth ranging from $1 million to $5 million with her primary source being her successful political career and being a registered nurse.


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