Who is Sheck Wes? How much is Sheck Wes’ net worth?

Sheck Wes happens to be one of the top rising rappers in the United States who is also a basketball player and a model. He came into the spotlight due to his hit singles starting from his 2017 song ‘Mo Bamba’ which helped him in getting recognition in 2018 across the county. He has a net worth of about $1.5 million with a monthly income of $20k and an annual income of $160k. Sheck has also got himself signed to two of the most known labels which are; GOOD music and Cactus Jack Records.

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Sheck Wes' Net Worth

Sheck Wes’ Net worth

Sheck Wes has been a rising star ever since he released the hit single ‘Mo Bamba’ and has since been making a huge success in the industry. Recently he also made a debut in basketball after playing for Paris Basketball by playing for four minutes on the team. His net worth so far has been estimated to be about $1.5 million which has grown rapidly over the years.

Net worth growth

As a fast rising star, his net worth since he joined the music industry has been growing so much and the data for the growth of his net worth for the past five years has been compiled. In the year 2018 his net worth was around $200k and in the year 2019 it grew up to a double which is $400k, growing further to $700k in 2020. In the year 2021, his net worth has grown to a million dollars and calculating it currently, it has gotten to about $1.5 million.

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Sheck Wes’ Early life

Sheck was born into a Muslim family on the 10th of September, 1998 and with his parents being separated he had to move to Milwaukee with his mother and so had to move to and forth from New York to Milwaukee in other to spend time with both parents. He grew up in a hostile environment and had a struggling life which made him to start making music at the age of 11.

Sheck attended Norman Thomas High school in Manhattan as he moved to New York permanently for his schooling. Being in New York, he got into a lot of trouble trying to blend in on the streets , so he was sent to Senegal in Africa by his mother and while there, he found his purpose and his focus so that when he finally came back to New York he decided to take his music career more seriously.
While in high school, he developed an interest in basketball and decided to chase the career and also getting himself attached to the fashion world as a model and was spotted by a fashion talent scout and over time he started missing out on basketball to attend fashion shows.

Biography of Sheck Wes

Khadimoul Rassout Cheikh Fall known famously as Sheck Wes was born on the 10th of September in the year 1998 in Harlem, New York, USA to a Muslim family with his mother being a hair stylist and his father a tailor. He has a height of 6ft 2inc (approx. 188cm) and a height of 79kg (approx. 174lbs) with a set of dark brown eyes and a black colored hair. Sheck is has an American nationality and is a rapper, a basketball player and a model by profession.

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At the age of 19, he released ‘Mo Bamba’ a hit single that came as a breakthrough song for him as it got him millions of views on YouTube and earned him recognition in the music world. He signed a contract deal with Cactus Jack Records and GOOD music which are currently two of the most known record labels. Sheck also dropped his debut studio album which he titled ‘Mudboy’ which make a peak spot of number 17 on the Billboard 200.

The following year he released a new hit single called ‘YKTS’ which was also successful and went to the top of the Billboard 200 and in November 2020, he announced his participation in the basketball league which was one of his biggest dreams by submitting his name for the 2020 NBA draft. He started his training confirming the start of his basketball career by taking part in the LNB pro A and later on joined the Paris Basketball team making his debut on the 28th of May by playing for 4 minutes in the team.

Sheck Wes’ Personal life

Sheck Wes has considered himself an artist and not a rapper and was a member of a Rao group back then when he was in Milwaukee which was called the ‘Milyorkers’. Once upon a time, he dated the artist Justine Skye who later reported that she was being abused in the relationship although with Sheck denying the allegations. Currently, he is single and not involved with anyone and of course doesn’t have any children.

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Wealth dependency

He is a rising rappers and thus makes a ton form his music career from releasing new songs to selling of albums down to attending live concerts. He is also a model who has made an appearance in the Yeezy fashion show thereby earning a whole lot. He is a basketball player who played for Paris Basketball in the Euro League and is very much active on his Instagram and YouTube pages with a million followers and 995k subscribers respectively.


He got into a controversy with Ridge Production, a video production company when ‘Gmail’ video was being uploaded for his ‘Mudboy’ video without being paid for it. It dragged on for a while with the interference of his lawyer who was working with him on the issue.

Latest news

Sheck admitted his passion for old school music while he was growing up as he listened to a wide variety of them. He is very well known for his deals with two of the most popular record deals which are GOOD music and Cactus Jack Records and has also collaborated with top rappers like juice WRLD, Drake and Lil Yachty.
He announced the commencement of works on his second album titled ‘Hell 2 Paradise’.

Summary: Sheck Wes’Net Worth

Sheck Wes is one of the top rising basketball players and rappers who became popular after he releases his first hit single titled ‘Mo Bamba’ which got millions of views and made him recognized in the music industry and across the country and even signing a record deal with two of the most popular record deals namely; GOOD music and Cactus Jack Records and over time released other hit singles and even made a debut album. He is a model who has made appearance in the Yeezy fashion show and a basketball player playing for the Paris Basketball team. He was born in Harlem l, New York and had to travel back and forth between New York and Milwaukee after his parents got separated. His current net worth us estimated to be around $1.5 million.

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