Dwight Gooden net worth: Dwight Gooden is a former American baseball player whose career was destroyed due to hard drug accusations, he has a net worth of $300 thousand.

While he was still a baseball player he did well to earn lots and lots of awards even though he was in and out at times due to his addiction to hard drugs. This article will give you a run-through of all there is to know about Dwight Gooden.

Dwight Gooden’s Net worth

Dwight Gooden currently has a net worth of about $500,000 even though he earned a whole lot from his career like about $36 million but lost it all in 2013, selling also his home in Florida as a means to support his family.

Dwight Gooden’s Early life

Dwight Eugene Gooden was born in Tampa, Florida on the 16th of November,1964. He is the youngest child of his parents; his dad, Dan Gooden who died a few years ago due to respiratory and kidney failure used to work at the Cargill corporation but still coached a youth baseball team, and his mum, Ella Gooden who worked in a nursing home and a famous local pool hall.

Dwight attended Hills Borough high school in Tampa where he grew up and was a team member on the school’s baseball team. He probably did not attend any college or university.

Dwight Gooden’s Biography

Dwight Gooden net worth and Bio

Dwight Eugene Gooden was born on the 16th of November, 1964 in Tampa, Florida, the USA to his parents; Dan Gooden and Ella Gooden and he was their youngest child.

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He was a professional baseball player till he retired in 2001. He has a height of 6’2” (1.88m) and a weight of 95kg.

Dwight has married once to Monica Harris from 1987 to 2004 and then Monica Moore from 2009 toll date.

Dwight Gooden’s Career

Dwight Gooden net worth

Dwight Gooden made his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut for the METS at the early age of 19 in the year 1984 and based on his skills and his abilities, he became popular as one of the league’s most talented pitchers and was honored with the first of four All-Star selections in addition to that he won the National League (NL) rookie of the year awards and led the league to strikeouts.

He continues to prosper into 1984 when he won the NL Cy Young award and also obtained the pitching triple crown, compiling a 24-4 record and a league-leading 1.53 ERA, 16 complete games, and 268 strikeouts of course in the 1986 season

His amazing plays helped the METS win the 1986 world series. Dwight opted for rehabilitation on the 1st of April in 1987 after he was tested positive for drugs thereby missing out on a third of the season and yet winning 15 games for the 1987 METS.

Dwight Gooden suffered a shoulder injury in 1989 and 1991 putting his career on a pause and it took a worse turn in 1992 as he lost as many as 10 decisions and still fell short in 1993 as he finished with a 12-15.

In the 1994 season, he tested positive for cocaine and was issued a 60 days suspension which was throughout the 1995 season after which he signed with the New York Yankees in 1996 and was there till 1998 when he signed with Cleveland Indians and after failing in the postseason games with a 0-4 he retired in 2001 bringing his career to an end with a record of 194-112 with more than half of his wins coming before the age of 25.

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Personal life

Dwight Gooden got married to Monica Harris when he was barely 17 years old on the 21st of November, 1987and they both have 4 children before they got divorced on the 17th of August, 2004 then 5 years later he got married again to Monica Moore on the 24th of August 2009 and they have 2 children together.

He also has a child with Debra Hamilton whom he once had an affair.

Wealth dependency

Most of his wealth comes mostly from his career then as a professional baseball player and he was also hired as a vice president of community relations for Atlantic Leagues New ark Bears.


The downfall of Dwight Gooden’s career started in December 1986 when he was arrested in Tampa, Florida after he was being assaulted by the police the reason for his arrest was unclear at that time till rumors of drug abuse began to fly around and were confirmed during the 1987 spring training when he tested positive for cocaine.

In 1994 again he also tested positive for cocaine and was suspended from the games for 60 days and was further suspended after testing positive for cocaine again this time was for the whole 1995 season.

The news of the second suspension weakened him as he was found by his wife in his room with a gun to his own head.

Latest news

After he retired in 2001, he took up a job at the Yankees front office and also acted as the go-between man during free-agent contract negotiations between his nephew, Gary Sheffield, and the Yankees before the 2004 season.

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In July 2009, he was hired as a vice president of community relations for Atlantic Leagues New ark Bears but he left the seat that same year in November, and in 2010, he was inducted into the New York Mets Hall Of Fame.


Dwight Gooden is a former American professional baseball player who was born in Tampa, Florida on the 16th of November, 1964, and is the youngest child of his parents.

He attended Hills Borough high school where he joined the baseball team with Vance Lovelace and made his debut in MLB at the age of 19 in 1984. Dwight played for 16 seasons in MLB as he was active from 1984 to 1994 and from 1996 to 2000.

He served two suspensions in 1995 after he tested positive to cocaine. He earned about $36 million in his career but lost it all in 2003 and currently he has a net worth of about $500,000.

Almost all his wins during his career came before the age of 25. He was married once to Monica Harris but got divorced and later married Monica Moore, having 4 children from the first and 2 from the second and also 1 from a relationship he had with Debra Hamilton.

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