Quick Facts of Kenyatta Matthews

  • Full NameKenyatta Matthews
  • Net Worth$5 Million
  • NicknameKenyatta Matthews
  • Marital Status
  • Ethnicity
  • ProfessionWriter/Activist/Advocate
  • Nationality
  • Eye colour
    Dark brown
  • Hair colour
  • SpouseTa-Nehisi Coates
  • EducationHoward University /Columbia University
  • Online PresenceTwitter
  • ChildrenSamori Coates

Kenyatta Matthews is a brilliant, passionate, and driven writer, activist, humanitarian and medical professional. Therefore, She has worked hard to break down societal barriers and demonstrate beyond the negative preconceptions frequently connected with women of color.

In addition, she is better known as the loving wife of Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates. You must wonder who Ta Nehisi Paul Coates is? Don’t have any clue about this man? Don’t worry because this page has everything about the pair.

Further, continue learning and grab all the details about these amazing personalities, Kenyatta Matthews and Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates. They are worth knowing! Firstly, let us dig into Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates.

Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates: Author and journalist

Coates is a dazzling American author and journalist. He amassed a huge readership during his stint as a national correspondent at The Atlantic by writing about cultural, social, and political issues, notably those involving African Americans and white supremacy.

ta nehisi coates
Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates. Image source: Instagram

Coates has contributed to The Village Voice, The Washington Post, and TIME. Furthermore, He has written for The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Monthly, O, and other magazines.

This talented American author and journalist have three nonfiction books to his credit

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In addition, he has also authored a Black Panther series and a Captain America series for Marvel Comics. His debut novel, The Water Dancer, released in 2019.

Kenyatta Matthews 

As mentioned above, Kenyatta Matthews is a writer, activist, humanitarian and medical professional. She got involved in Human Services Administration and advocates for children and families.

Matthews was born and raised in the United States to single parents. She keeps her personals life under wraps.

Therefore, her date of birth is unknown. On the contrary, Her husband, Coates, was born on September 30, 1975, in  Baltimore, Maryland.

Younger Kenyatta Matthews
Younger Kenyatta Matthews. Image source: Instagram

Coates’s father is William Paul Coates. He was a Vietnam War veteran, former Black Panther, publisher, and librarian. Similarly, his mother, Cheryl Lynn, was a teacher.

Furthermore, Coates’ father was the daddy of seven children, five boys, two girls, and four women.

Coates’ father’s first wife had three children, his mother had two boys, and the other two ladies each had one.

The children raised in a close-knit family, most of them living with their mothers and, on occasion, with their father. Coates has stated that he spent his entire childhood with his father.

Kenyatta Matthews’s Education

Matthews studied journalism and English at Howard University from 1994 to 1999. In 2009, she enrolled at Columbia University in New York City.

In 2014, Kenyatta graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical and Biological Anthropology. She later returned to Howard University College of Medicine from 2016 to 2020.

kenyatta matthews
Highschool girl Kenyatta Matthews. Image source: Instagram

On the other hand, her husband Ta Nehisi attended several Baltimore-area schools. He graduated from Woodlawn High School, including William H. Lemmel Middle School and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. He later attended Howard University. Moreover, He departed after five years to pursue a career in journalism.

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Surprisingly, He is the only child in his family who does not have a college degree. Coates completed a French intensive program at Middlebury College in mid-2014 to prepare for a writing fellowship in Paris, France.

Kenyatta Matthews marriage

Kenyatta Matthews is happily married to Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates. They met during a mutual stint at Howard University and have been together ever since. They both considered themselves intellectuals and enjoyed nothing more than getting drunk and stoned.

Kenyatta became pregnant in late 1999, although nearly no one their age had children, they chose to go full steam ahead.

Soon it was time for their baby to be delivered. Matthews was unable to give birth normally, so she had to undergo into C section. The pair had a son. His name is Samori Maceo Paul Coates.

kenyatta matthews and her son
Kenyatta Matthews and her son Samori. Image source: Instagram

Their partnership was a leading modern romance at the time. Nonetheless, other than the lack of titles—husband, wife—there is very little difference in what they are ultimately responsible with as partners. Finally, Kenyatta Matthews and Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates tied the knot in 2011.

Matthews’s Career and Networth

Matthews’s career began on August 31, 1998, with wraparound(childcare). She fell in love with social service as a profession and worked as a care coordinator for two years. In the year 2000, the care coordinator got the position of Lead Care Coordinator.

Kenyatta became a Facilitation Specialist, offering care and coordination to families when one of the parents was battling alcohol and drug addiction.

After working as a Facilitation Specialist for just over a year, she was allowed to oversee a care coordination unit at the Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin. She has been in this job for a little under four years, and it is her favorite position inside wraparound to date.

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Kenyatta Matthews
Kenyatta Matthews and younger Samori. Image source: Instagram

Over the last decade, she has been incredibly fortunate to have worked with a wonderful group of administrators who have continuously advocated for the mental health needs of Milwaukee’s children and families.

In addition, she has also worked as a writer and editor for various publications like TIME magazine and  The Wilmington News Journal.

Moving on to Matthews’s Networth

A brilliant writer and activist, Kenyatta had started her career in 1998, so she might have gathered a decent amount to date. She is not the kind of woman who flaunts about their riches. Therefore, Her Net Worth is under review.

In the same vein, her husband,  a 45 years old author and journalist, holds a Net Worth of $5 Million. He has amassed this hefty amount through Journalism, Projects, Teaching, and Author. Coates’s first journalism job was as a reporter at  The Washington City Paper. 

He worked as a journalist at various publications, including  Philadelphia WeeklyThe Village Voice, and Time from 2000 to 2007.

Ta-Nehisi Coates in Conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg
Ta-Nehisi Coates in Conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg. Image source: Instagram

Journalist Coates started a new, more successful, and stable phase of his career when he wrote his first article for  The Atlantic about Bill Cosby and conservatism.

Coates collaborated with artist Brian Stelfreeze on the sixth volume of Marvel Comics’ Black Panther series in 2016. Issue #1 was released on April 6, 2016, and sold an estimated 253,259 physical copies, making it the best-selling comic for the month.

samori coates
Samori Coates is posing dope in front of his car. Image source: Instagram

In conclusion, The Coates live a very comfortable and happy life.

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