Scholarship Opportunity to Study In World Class Indian Universities

Do you want to study abroad?

Do you have lots of money to pay to gain admission to some schools in the UK, US, and Canada?

If not, would you want to study in India on scholarship for the period of study?

If yes, then proceed. If not, you can as well stop reading now.

In this season of massive exits from Nigeria and other African Nations to other countries in the West, and with the consistent decadence in the educational sector, it is pertinent to have an alternative. Having an opportunity to study in a world-class university in India solves the two issues mentioned above.

One thing you should know is that getting top-class education is not for everyone. It is not even a guarantee for making money. Having established this fact, why should we want to go to top schools and pay lots of money to acquire education?

The reason is quite simple. It is needed to reach a certain level of enlightenment, confidence and fulfilment. My guess is that you already know some of these. Therefore, I won’t bore you with these unnecessary details.

This piece is not for everybody. It is for people who will do what it takes to get better academic growth from renowned institutions.

Given the nature of Nigerian schools and the steady insecurity affecting Nigeria, I feel this is the best time to have an alternative.

This alternative is what Exelient Africa in collaboration with Entrepreneur Platform has come to give you. It has looked at the factors affecting this part of the world and has partnered with some high-profile universities in India to bring to offer you this scholarship.

Note that this scholarship spans through First degree and postgraduate degrees. There are different forms of scholarship depending on the institution you are applying to. It spans from 50% scholarship to full scholarship.

I believe you already understand the message we are trying to pass and the opportunity available to you. If you are interested, please chat, text or reach on WhatsApp using 07038764113 or 08160283627. You will get all the information and guidance on how to proceed with this scholarship opportunity to study in world-class Indian Universities.

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