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Namecheap Affiliate Review 2021: Is It Really Worth It Or A Waste Of Time?

Namecheap Affiliate Review

So, I noticed I’ve not been reviewing affiliate programs on my blog, and I decided to change that, I’m starting with this Namecheap Affiliate Review. Enjoy!

What Is Namecheap Affiliate Program?

Namecheap Affiliate Review
Namecheap Affiliate Review

The NameCheap affiliate program pairs as a money-making opportunity alongside one of the most well-known and respected domain registrars in the market. NameCheap has positioned itself as the leading provider of inexpensive domain names and Web services.

Millions have begun their journey developing websites, blogs, and online businesses using the NameCheap domain registration service. Many more have tapped their incredible deals and savings.

Using NameCheap is a pleasant process compared to several competitors. They make the process as simple-as-possible through an intuitive funnel and transparent sales. This brand and business, having started in 2000, offers domain names starting at $8.88 (for .com’s) with frequent deals and coupon offers.

The business sells helpful items including SSL certificates, online marketing services, and application hosting. NameCheap delivers incredible service shown through its numerous positive reviews.

How Does Namecheap Affiliate Program Works?

The NameCheap domain affiliate program is one of the best in its league offering high paying commissions along every step of the sales funnel including up-sell offers and on-going services.

Payment structure and commission rates for the NameCheap program include:

  • Domains: 20%
  • Hosting: 35%
  • SSL Certificates: 35%
  • Private Email: 20%
  • Premium DNS: 20%

How To Join The NameCheap Affiliate Program?

Namecheap Affiliate Review
Namecheap Affiliate Review

To join the Namecheap affiliate program, you have to join via Impact Radius, Commission Junction or ShareASale.

The internal affiliate program hosted by Namecheap is no longer available to join.

We also recommend using only one platform to promote Namecheap.

To join, you need to sign up for one of the affiliate networks listed below:

Impact Radius

Impact Radius is an industry-leading platform that provides accurate tracking, robust crediting logic, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

It also boasts new ad types and a new publisher interface that will enable you to track your performance and payment status.

Impact Radius is one of the platforms where the Namecheap Affiliate Program is now powered.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing marketplace that provides anyone with the opportunity to earn by promoting the products of other merchants.

This platform also gives you the opportunity to promote Namecheap products, as well as other related offerings.


The Namecheap affiliate program is also listed on the ShareASale affiliate network. You can use this platform to promote Namecheap products in addition to your other offerings.

Once you join via any of the affiliate networks and your affiliate account is approved, you will get access to affiliate text links and banners with your affiliate ID applied.

You can share your affiliate link, use your affiliate ID to refer to any Namecheap page or choose one of our banners for promotions via blogging, social media or email marketing.

You get paid for every new customer you refer to us and can access real-time reporting on your earnings and regular payouts on your affiliate dashboard.

However, to get accepted as a new affiliate for the Namecheap affiliate program, there are some factors that apply.

As an Affiliate, you must have:

An active website

Your website must have an established web presence, organic search ranking, traffic, and/or industry reputation.

Aligned content

Your website content must be aligned with Namecheap’s marketplace and target customers (i.e. domain, security, hosting, etc.).

Domain registration

Your website must be directly registered via your own domain name and not via a 3rd-party vendor (i.e. Squarespace or

Marketing alignment

Your marketing strategy must be aligned and complementary to Namecheap’s marketing efforts (i.e. social media, web content, advertising, email, loyalty programs, etc.)

Legal Compliance

You must comply with all US laws, all laws relevant to your home country, and the rules of our Affiliate Program Terms.

Don’t forget that the Namecheap affiliate membership is an ongoing obligation and membership may be reviewed and/or revoked at any time.

How To Promote Namecheap Affiliate Program

Namecheap Affiliate Review
Namecheap Affiliate Review

Once you get approved as a Namecheap affiliate, the next step is to get started promoting Namecheap offers and earn some bucks.

Here are proven ways you can use to promote Namecheap.

If you want a ROBUST guide on how you can succeed in promoting Namecheap (and any other affiliate program), read my no-fluff guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing and thank me later!

First, make sure you’ve grabbed your special Namecheap affiliate link which you can find when you log in to your affiliate dashboard.

  • Create Namecheap Reviews & Guides on your Blog

If you have an affiliate blog like this one, you’re in luck.

You can use this strategy (and many others I’ll reveal to you in this section) to promote Namecheap.

Content marketing is at the core of this strategy. You’ll be required to create super valuable Namecheap-related content to educate the reader and sell Namecheap.

Most buyers will research before buying any domain registration or web hosting service so it’s your duty to provide content that answers their queries.

To be more practical, you can create a Namecheap Review and do a detailed run-down of all the products and services of the company.

Nmaecheap Affiliate Review (Conclusion)

To end my Namecheap Affiliate Review, With over 10 million domains under management and two decades ​of​ ​providing​ ​unparalleled levels​ ​of​ ​service, Namecheap is on the radar of the top domain registrars and web hosting providers in the world.

The Namecheap affiliate program is also one of the BEST web hosting affiliate programs and they also give a chance to earn money by recommending their reliable web services.

With consistency, hard work, and following the promotional strategies I listed above, you can start earning extra income with the Namecheap affiliate program.

Have any experience? Let’s hear your side of Namecheap Affiliate Review.

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