How Much is Mark Normand Net Worth? Who is Mark Normand? Mark Normand is an American comedian who started his career as a stand-up comedian who performed in bars back then in New Orleans and got recognized due to his incredible shows. He currently has a net worth of about $2 million from his career as a comedian and has featured in various shows including’Just For Laughs’ and others and gas made appearance in various movies.

This article gives a run through of all that there is to know about Mark Normand, his net worth, his biography and his career as a comedian and an actor.

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Net worth

The net worth of Mark Normand based on various reports have been estimated to be around $2 million which depends mostly on the income he has garnered so far in his career as a comedian and actor as he is very dedicated and committed in his works.

Early life

Mark Normand was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, US on the 18th of September 1983 and was raised in New Orleans by his parents. He has always loved acting and spent time shooting short films as a kid and eventually went into comedy after college. Mark attended De La Salle high school and joined the university of New Orleans later on to chase acting. He later on decided to attend New York Film Academy but dropped out along the way to pursue his passion for comedy and left New Orleans for New York.

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Mark Normand Net Worth: Biography

Mark Normand was born on the 18th of September 1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana to his parents whose information were not quite given. He is a comedian and an actor by profession with an American nationality with a height of 5ft 9inches. Information on his parents or if he has any siblings were not really given as he hasn’t said much about them.


Mark Normand started his career as a stand-up comedian who performed at a bar in the year 2006 in his hometown in New Orleans and earned recognition due to his incredible performances in college, clubs and making appearances in numerous festivals which includes; the Boston comedy festival, Seattle international comedy competition and lots more.

He has performed across the united State and other countries and has appeared on several shows like; ‘Canon’, ‘The Late Show’ with Colbert and ‘The Tonight Show’ starring Jimmy Fallon. Mark has also been a co host of a weekly podcast titled ‘Tuesdays With Stories’ along with fellow comedian Joe List since the year 2013. Also he co hosted the weekly podcast ‘We Might Be Drunk’ with comedian Sam Morril.

In the year 2013, he was featured at Just For Laughs in Montreal as a New Face and in the year 2014, his half-hour special of comedy central titled ‘The Half Hour’ was released along with an album with Comedy Central Records which was titled ‘Still Got It’ which was recorded in Madison, Wisconsin at Comedy On State.

In 2017, Mark Normand released his hour-long comedy central special titled ‘Don’t Be Yourself’.  He has also acted in movies like; ‘Horrace and Pete’ and ‘Amy Schumer’s.

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Personal life

He currently is in a relationship with Mae Elaine who is also a comedian known as Mae Planert and he seems really committed in the relationship as they have shared beautiful pictures on Instagram frequently. Mark also stated that he is an atheist. He resides currently in the west village neighborhood of New York City. There isn’t much information concerning his personal life because he doesn’t seem to say much about it.

Wealth dependency

His wealth comes mostly from his earnings as a successful comedian as he has been both a co host and a feature in various shows and events and also has some movies he has appeared in and so his net worth summing up to about $2 million shouldn’t take you be surprise because he is very dedicated to his works. He also keeps organizing shows, keeping his fans thrilled and expectant of his next performance as he takes trips round the US and making headlines.

Latest news

Mark Normand keeps making headlines and is known for his hilarious comedies, his writing which gets punchy relentlessly and expert delivery as he holds several shows once in a while becoming one of the mist talked about comedian currently in New York city. He keeps being the fun loving comedian that he has always been.

Summary: Mark Normand Net Worth

Mark Normand is an American comedian born in New Orleans, Louisiana on the 18th of September in the year 1983. He attended De La Salle high school and also University of New Orleans to chase acting. He also attended New York film academy but didn’t complete as he started chasing his career in comedy as has always had a thing for shooting short films right from an early age. His girlfriend who he seems committed to, Mae Elaine is also an American comedian by the name Mae Planert.

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He started his career as a stand-up comedian performing in a bar back then in his hometown and became quite popular cause his performances were always incredible. Over the course of his career, he has appeared in various festivals, performed around the world, been a co host to several podcasts and have been featured as a new face at ‘Just for Laughs’ and in 2014, he released his half-hour special called ‘The half hour’ and another hour-long comedy ‘Don’t be Yourself’ was released in 2017. Mark Normand has also acted in several movies like ‘Horrace and Pete’ and ‘Amy Schumer’ and currently has a net worth of about $2 million which he has earned over the years from his career so far and is still earning  more as he seems very dedicated to his career and so we should watch out for him.

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