What Is Yusplug?

Yusplug Review

Yusplug is one of the cheapest and most reliable Virtual Top-Up (VTU) portals in Nigeria. Yusplug offers the best deal when it comes to internet data, Airtime, Utility Bills and exam pins vendor at instant delivery with a unique customer care relationship.

Yusplug Services

Yusplug Pricing

The plan a user is subscribed to determines the amount of discount the user will get for our services… some of our members are retailers, the best plan for a retailer is the reseller plan as the prices are extremely cheap.

Basic Plan

Price: Free

  • 20% Referral Commission
  • Big Discounts On Services
  • ₦50 Charges On Utility Bills


Agent Plan

Price: ₦1,500

  • 35% Referral Commission
  • Bigger Discounts On Services
  • No Charges On Utility Bills

Upgrade Account

Merchant Plan

Price: ₦2,500

  • 50% Referral Commission
  • Biggest Discounts On Services
  • No Charges On Utility Bills
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Upgrade Account

How To Use Yusplug

Yusplug is very easy to use, to start using it for top-ups and recharging, you need to register a free account. You can register on their website or download their mobile application from Google Play Store. CLICK HERE to register on Yusplug.

Yusplug Review

Below is how the yusplug website dashboard looks like in desktop view

Yusplug Review

And as you can see, you can easily perform any transaction you want quickly.

Yusplug Review

How To Purchase Airtime Online On Yusplug

You can purchase MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9mobile airtime on yusplug without going to your mobile banking app to do so. Plus, It comes with benefits! You get discount for purchasing airtime with yusplug!

Yusplug Review

This means that if you want to purchase 500 MTN airtime, for example, you get a discount of 2%. Therefore you pay 490 instead of 500.

Yusplug Review
Yusplug Review

Meanwhile, before purchasing airtime, you need to fund your yusplug wallet first, and after that, you can purchase your airtime or data bundle.

How To Fund Your Yusplug Wallet

Yusplug Review
Yusplug Review

Funding your yusplug wallet is very easy, and you have three available methods of doing this!

  • Bank Transfer (Automatic confirmation): Deposit or transfer into your personalised Wema or Rolex account. You will be Automatically funded with a charge fee deduction of ₦50. Example if you pay ₦1,000 your wallet will be funded with ₦950. Minimum funding is ₦150
  • Bank Transfer (Manual confirmation): You can deposit or transfer funds into any of their accounts. Your account will be funded as soon as the payment is confirmed. Confirmation takes up to 45 minutes. Note that the minimum amount you can deposit with this method is ₦1,000.
  • Debit Card: Use this method for payments less than ₦2,499. Your account will be instantly funded.
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Let’s say I chose the first method which is Bank Transfer (Automatic confirmation), I’ll be prompted to transfer to my personalized WEMA OR Rolez account, which is going to automatically reflect in your account.

Yusplug Review
Yusplug Review

How To Convert Airtime To Cash

1. Fill the form below correctly for airtime to cash

2. The minimum amount for all networks is ₦500 while the maximum for MTN is ₦5,000, Airtel is ₦10,000, GLO is ₦1,000 & 9Mobile is ₦5,000 per transfer.

3. They do not accept recharge card pin, please load it on your sim and transfer it to them.

4. You must send the airtime within 20 minutes or the transaction will be automatically cancelled

5. To transfer MTN airtime: *600*recipient number*amount*pin#

6. To change MTN transfer pin: *600*default pin*new pin*new pin# e.g *600*0000*new pin*new pin#

7. To transfer 9mobile airtime: *223*pin*amount*number#

8. To change 9mobile transfer pin: *247*default pin*new pin#e.g *247*0000*new pin#

9. To transfer GLO airtime: *131*recipient number*amount*pin#

10. To change GLO transfer pin: *132*default pin*new pin*new pin# e.g *132*0000*new pin#

11. You must not send any amount different from the amount filled

12. They accept airtime transfer only. Any VTU sent to them will not be credited to your wallet.

Yusplug Review

Conversion Charges

How To Convert Airtime To Cash

Decoder Subscription Discounts


Exam Result Pin Prices



Yusplug is a very fast and reliable VTU website, I wouldn’t recommend any other site!

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