Yooshi, a blockchain metaverse gaming platform, has been one of the resilient crypto coins of 2021. Though Yooshi coin has been plummeting for the last one-month straight, it is still one of the projects to watch in the fast-growing Metaverse space.

  • Bitrise platform offers innovative tokenomics than Yooshi.
  • The platform gives attractive rewards to investors.
  • Automated token buyback and burning creating token scarcity.

Yooshi coin hit its all-time high by the end of October. But the coin has been dropping for the whole of November and December started with the same trend. But there is another younger coin to Yooshi, called Bitrise, performing pretty well in the crypto market and the crypto community is embracing it quickly.

Bitrise coin has been around for about 4 months now, having launched on 28th July 2021, two months after Yooshi launch. The project is building a DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. Bitrise decentralized finance system will enable users to earn, spend and lend money on a peer-to-peer platform. With lower transaction costs plus faster and secure transactions, the Bitrise DeFi system is a game-change.

Yooshi, on the other hand, is a gaming platform. But the attractive features of the Bitrise coin are even attracting its community members. Though they are not direct competitors, they are competing for the same crypto investors. Yooshi staking process is already ongoing, and this means the start of Bitrise token staking will make the latter more competitive.

The staking process for the $BRISE token is expected to offer Bitrise token holders better investment rewards. This is why thousands of crypto investors are joining. The team has promised that 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products in its ecosystem will be shared among staked tokens.

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With the multiple products in the Bitrise ecosystem, including Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet, a lot of revenue is going to be generated. It might be more than what Yooshi is offering, and this will definitely attract Yooshi community into joining Bitrise coin.

Bitrise coin is in the process of launching staking, which is happening any time in the first week of December 2021. There are also key products that the team is going to release in Q1-2022, which in many ways, are making the staking process even more attractive to Yooshi and other crypto Members. Bitrise exchange is coming in early 2022, and the team has already announced the start of blockchain research.

Bitrise coin still has the most innovative and attractive tokenomics, appealing to even Yooshi community members today. The 4% of every transaction shared among token holders every 60 minutes is attracting many. The automated buyback and burning of the tokens in the liquidity pool is another tokenomics attracting crypto investors.

The staking launch will make Bitrise a more competitive coin not just to Yooshi but also to other crypto coins. With the success of the staking process, Yooshi members joining Bitrise coin will automatically go up.

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