In a much-anticipated announcement, Kinesis Money, the monetary system based 1:1 on fully allocated physical gold and silver, introduces XRP coin (XRP) to the Kinesis Exchange, further enriching Kinesis’ selection of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies, globally.

The highly competitive XRP coin, ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization, is designed to facilitate secure, instantaneous conversion between multiple currencies and networks. Distinguished by its exceptional scalability levels, XRP is focused on transforming global cross-border transactions, ensuring instant settlement, lower exchange fees and more efficient use of investors’ capital within the Kinesis Monetary system.

Kinesis is already home to the world’s most traded allocated digitalised gold currency, with $10B traded in 2021 alone. The milestone addition of XRP coin allows system users to further diversify their portfolios and optimise their crypto trading experience.

Commenting on this milestone, Jai Bifulco, CCO of Kinesis, says:

“The addition of XRP to the Kinesis Exchange marks another decisive step forward in the Kinesis Money offering, allowing users to connect their day-to-day banking with cryptocurrency and precious metals trading. As more digital coins get successively introduced to the Kinesis ecosystem, the platform’s unlimited potential as a highly specialised, yet easy to use, asset management tool, gets amplified. Kinesis’s vision is not just about enabling gold and silver as currencies, but providing our users with an alternative monetary solution that promotes their financial empowerment and protects their wealth.

Kinesis continues to drive rapid expansion on a global scale, with over 80,000 clients amassed across 151 countries. The powerful market response to the subsequent token listings on the Kinesis Exchange is not only encouraging but will also lead to further expansion of the ever-widening range of cryptocurrencies.

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