Who is Steven Suptic girlfriend, his networth, career, and Instagram

Quick Facts of Steven Suptic

  • Full NameSteven Suptic
  • Net Worth$1 million
  • Date of Birth02 February, 1993
  • Marital Status
  • BirthplaceIllinois
  • Nationality
  • Online PresenceTwitter/Youtube
  • Horoscope

Steven Suptic, popularly known as “MlgHwnT,” is a vlogger, podcast presenter, content producer, twitch streamer, and the founder of the channel Sugar Pine 7.

Who is Steven Suptic?

Founder of Sugar Pine 7 and producer of YouTube videos, Steven Suptic, was born on February 2, 1993. He began his career as a Minecraft YouTuber, co-hosted the gaming channel SuperPanicFrenzy with Reina Scully, and was a host on SourceFed until it was terminated.


Steven suptic selfie. Image source @stevensuptic

Despite his father appearing in one of his films, nothing is known about his parents on social media.

Is he Engaged with Alyssa Terry?

 The romance between Steven Suptic and Alyssa preceded his relationship with Natalie Casanova. Before their breakup, the two had not been dating for a long time.

Steven and Alyassa
Steven with Alyssa Terry. Image source: Instagram

Although he has never been married, Alyssa Terry has been his lifelong lover. In 2017, they were engaged. Though it is unclear how the two became acquainted, they have worked on several projects together, including his Youtube channel. Steven and Alyssa keep their personal lives secret. Their marriage has not been confirmed.

What is his Networth?

Steven Suptic is a reporter and analyst for Mainstream Gaming. As of 2021, his estimated net worth is $1 million. Moreover, he has over $1.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and receives over 200 million views a year. From his earnings, Steven treats himself with exotic cars and holidays.

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Suptic on Golfing Cart
Steven Suptic on Golfing Cart. Image source: Instagram 

Furthermore, his YouTube handle generates $92-$1.5 thousand per month and $1.1 thousand-$17.7 thousand yearly.

Steven Suptic’s Career

Steven began his YouTube career by collaborating with his friend Vince Demase on Halo videos. Later, he began making Minecraft videos under the moniker’mlgHwnT.’ Steven established the gaming club “Bananarine Republic,” including Vince, Tim Goulette, and Jeffrey Fillman. They started a Minecraft let’s play series called “Wild Adventures,” which eventually became a completely animated series.

The four went on to work together on several projects, including the Double Jump Podcast. Following Bananarine, Steven went to Wisconsin to join a project called BAHMLounge, where he created several Minecraft cartoons for Machinima and his own channel.

 Steve on Cibs react
Steven on Cibs react. Image source: Instagram 

Steven came to Wisconsin after Bananarine to join a project named BAHMLounge. As a member of the BAHMLounge team, he was joined by AviatorGaming and BigMacHD. Steven went away to pursue other interests after they lived together for a while.

More about his career

Steve traveled to California to work on a project with Reina Scully, a longtime friend. As soon as Super Panic Frenzy was canceled, Steven found a normal job at Sourcefed. He met Alyssa Terry, his former fiancee, James DeAngelis, and Autumn Farrell, two of Alternative Lifestyle’s primary cast members, at SourceFed.

steven suptic
Steven suptic with his buddies. Image source: Instagram 

Furthermore, Steven and his old friend Cib began creating alternative lifestyle films when SourceFed was canceled. Parker and James were soon added to the cast. Steven currently broadcasts on twitch. Hafu’s morning lobbies are where he streams most of Among Us. His buddies Cib, James, and Steve’s dog Littlefoot still live in Los Angeles.

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