SwissFXM Review 2022: Introduction

It has been confirmed that this broker does not currently hold any valid regulatory licenses; therefore, please be aware of the risks!

With years of experience and numerous awards, Swiss FXM claims to be a “world-leading broker.” However, this claim is not supported by the evidence. The poor quality of the website, the conflicting information, and the absence of credentials all suggest that these boasts are not true in the first place. A quick check of the facts reveals that Swiss FXM is, in fact, a scam website attempting to profit from the current cryptocurrency craze as well as the general public’s lack of understanding of how the financial markets work.


CUSTOMER REVIEW – Identities are concealed


Scam broker Swiss FXM. I deposited 500 USD and made a profit of 4000 USD in one day after a single deposit. In addition, on April 27, 2021, this scam broker has intentionally blown my account, making it impossible for me to request a withdrawal from them. This is a B Book broker who does not provide liquidity bridging ( there is no bank with this broker)

How do you go about getting your money back?


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If you have already deposited your money with them and they refuse to refund your money, which is highly likely to occur, don’t be concerned; there may be a way or two to recover your funds.

First and foremost, you must keep the emails as evidence that you have been requesting the money back from them but that they have either refused to give it to you or have delayed the process for an excessive amount of time with the intent of not refunding your money.


The very first thing you should do is submit a chargeback request! And you should go ahead and do it right away! Contact your bank or credit card provider and explain how you were duped into making a deposit for a trading company that is not regulated and has refused to refund your funds. This is the most straightforward method of obtaining your money back, but it is also the most detrimental to them. Because if there are a large number of chargebacks, it will cause their relationship with the payment service providers to be strained or even destroyed. For those who have never done this before, or who are unsure where to begin or how to present their case to their financial institution or credit card company, we can assist you in preparing your chargeback case. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] without informing your broker that you have read this article or that you are in contact with us.



The concept of passive income is becoming increasingly appealing to an increasing number of people. On the surface of things, it appears that making money through investments in the financial markets is more accessible than ever before to those who are not financial experts. However, the online space is rife with scammers who prey on inexperienced want tobe traders with flashy advertisements and fabricated testimonials from satisfied customers, among other tactics. However, these bogus brokers do not actually invest the money that you give them – despite the fact that they are very confident in telling you that you are making excellent profits and that you should invest even more.

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However, when you attempt to withdraw some of your alleged winnings or make a deposit, you will discover that it is impossible. Scammers will tell you that a sudden change in the market has wiped out all of your money, or they will point you to vague clauses in the Terms and Conditions that require a large minimum volume of trades in order to be profitable. The victim of a scam like this may also be surprised by hidden fees and taxes that amount to tens of percentages of their funds, which they were not expecting.


It is difficult to hold fraudsters accountable because they operate through offshore companies that are not subject to government oversight or regulation. A copy of your identification and proof of your address are also required by scammers so that they can claim that all transactions were voluntary and agreed upon by both parties to the transaction.


Swiss FXM scam broker provides a guarantee of success and/or large profits in 1 of 2 ways: 1.


Absolutely nothing in the market, and particularly in the forex market, can be guaranteed. An excessive number of variables influence this market, and these variables are subject to change at any time. Consequently, if someone claims to be able to guarantee profits or specific results, they are most likely operating a scam.


2. There is no substantial proof or background information on Swiss Foreign Exchange Market.


It’s very easy to come across images of profit charts on the internet. Scammers are astute, and they will only show profits rather than losses over a period of time to avoid being identified. Alternatively, they may display charts from demo trading accounts that aren’t even representative of real-time trading activity at all. If you are considering working with someone or purchasing a product, do not make your decision based on this or any other limited information. Inquire about the company’s history and demand a complete accounting of its profits and losses. If they refuse or remain vague, it’s likely that they’re running a scam.

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3. Unsolicited marketing techniques

Marketers who contact you without your permission and continue to market to you are most likely engaging in fraudulent behavior. A scammer may try to trick you into purchasing a product or service if you are given little information or time to consider it before making your decision. You should be especially cautious if they start asking for personal information that could be used for illegal activities such as identity theft. If something feels uncomfortable or pushy, stay away from it.


Final thoughts on the Swiss FXM trading broker, which is a scam.

In your search for ways to make extra money through forex trading, you may come across more than your fair share of con artists. As a result, it’s critical to conduct thorough due diligence and research before entering the market. Remember, if something appears to be too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

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