This swirge review (swirge token review) will let you know everything about the decentralized system. Is Swirge Token Legit? Is Swirge Legit? Find Out.

What Is Swirge?

Swirge is a digital ecosystem that embodies a decentralized social media platform, a decentralized financial system, and an online marketplace built on blockchain technology. Social media has remained the same for many years with users having no control over their data and depending on third parties to make little income out of their content.

The Swirge ecosystem is a user-centric platform built with users in mind. First, Swirge protects users’ data and information and gives them total control over their data. Second, it gives users the power to create wealth directly from social media without third parties and gives them the liberty to take charge of their finances.

DEX Social Media

Swirge is a decentralized social media platform that users complete control over their account data and privacy, Swirge is built on the blockchain.

DEX Marketplace

Seamlessly integrated into the social media platform is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace that enables users to buy and sell securely and fast..

Swirge Pay

A decentralized payment platform that enables users to send payments from one user to another, secure, fast, and with a near to zero transaction fee.

Swirge Review Is Swirge Legit (Is Swirge Token Legit?)

Our Mission

To give users complete control over their account data, privacy, and finances through blockchain technology, and to empower users to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all..

Swirge Token (SWG)

Swirge Token is a smart contract token built on the Ethereum (SWG) and Binance
(SWGB) Blockchain. Swirge Token will be used on the entire Swirge Platform to
facilitate cheap and fast transactions all across the Swirge Ecosystem. Only 80,000,000 SWG Tokens in Total supply.

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Token Distribution

  • Locked Development Token: 10%
  • Total Supply – 80,000,000 SWG
  • Locked Marketing Token: 8.5%
  • Liquidity BNB – SWG SwapLiquidity Pair: 25%
  • Liquidity ETH – SWG Uniswap Pair: 40%
  • Locked Team Token: 5%
  • Token Sale: 11.5%

Swirge Review Swirge Token Review Is Swirge Token Legit

Swirge Review (Is Swirge Token Legit?)

Swirge Network is a legit project base on the fact that it is decentralized. Your data are private and Swerge gives you total control over their data unlike on other social media platform, and plus you get rewarded with the Swirge Token (SWGb).

This is what Swirge is. Solving privacy issues and give back freedom and total control to the users.

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