SEO Hints and Tips that Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of

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SEO is probably the most used method of marketing used online for modern businesses. It enables a business to build on its online presence and to build its visibility to customers and search engine bots. When SEO is done right it can make a business a success, and without it, a business might fail at the first hurdle. Here are SEO hints and tips that every business owner should be aware of.

Write for Humans

In the past, the software that Google and other search engines used to find valuable content was mildly hackable. In that, it wasn’t clever enough to imitate a human, and therefore humans could find tricks and loopholes in the system to make their content more appealing to the bots. Nowadays, this is not the case. The software has levelled up and become so sophisticated that there aren’t many chances for even the most skilled SEO writer to trick the system.

If you write content for humans rather than the bots, chances are it will be more valuable and given more of a presence than if you try to follow the complex bot strategies that you can find online. The more interesting, informative and gripping a piece of content is to a human being, the more likely it is to be swept up and promoted by the bots.

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Write high-quality content and work hard to achieve the answer to the question or statement that you have used for your title.

Research Your Keywords

Guessing the keywords that people will search for is all good, it can help you to become more skilled with fluid writing and drive traffic to your site. However, you should always check that these keywords are valuable and are the ones that you should be using. You can do this by using online tools such as Ahrefs to check that the keywords you have chosen are suitable and will drive traffic to your site.

Remember that you want your copy to read smoothly, so include the keywords as normal text within the write-up rather than bringing stark attention to them. You may also want to use some long-tail keywords like these can help boost your site.


Using backlinks in your writing can help you in many ways. They organically help make you more findable on search engines and help within search engine indexing as bots follow backlinks to find new existing pages. Backlinks can also lead to referral traffic if your website appears on a separate blog with a backlink. This is why it can be a great idea to ask other businesses to backlink yours in return for you doing the same for them. This creates a web of dominoes that can boost your visibility greatly.

Optimise Images

Optimise your images on your content to get more results. You can optimise your logo to create links to your website or socials which can be a great way of gaining more traffic to your desired location. A logo generator is a great, fast-paced way of creating the perfect logo for your business with minimal cost outlays or fuss.

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Featured Snippets

When you use Google My Business to register your business you will receive a featured snippet of your business on Google’s search results. This is a major breakthrough moment for many businesses. There are things that you can do to improve the data passing through this snippet and use it to the best level for your site.

To optimise your snippet, you should use and research the right keywords and meta tags. You should also lay a link trail and ensure that your snippet is optimised for mobile phone use.

By writing optimised, excellent quality content, you should see results in the traffic driven to your site or in the field of SEO that you have been aiming towards. Always check this with analytic tools online to ensure the best possible results for your business.

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