The Santa Inu initiative has a unique approach to helping charities with their unique charity NFTs.  Its official token, SANINU, was initially traded on 20th Nov 2021. For the dog and children shelter contributions, Santa Inu has put up a marketing wallet that will sell a modest amount at regular intervals.

SANINU is a BSC token powered by its community. The firm has focused on a fair token launch, and hence, team tokens have been provided on a pay and purchase basis. Within a brief period after the debut, Santa Inu presently has more than 11,000 holders. Each holder is getting 4 percent of the total purchase and sell transactions in SANINU into his wallet. There is another 2 percent charge that goes to the marketing wallet and a 2 percent fee that goes to the locked liquidity pool.

Listed On CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

The SANINU currency has been featured on notable platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, illustrating its broad community reach.

The wonderful initiative has recently teamed up with Harmonized App in order to provide staking/farming pools. This will enable token holders to earn a high APY on their liquidity tokens. As an outcome of collaborating with The Harmonized App, a considerable degree of positive price pressure could occur once the new token staking platform is online.

Staking Platform

Staking naturally reshapes the market towards a more positive buying power, as users are incentivized to lock their tokens up, diminishing the current circulating supply and decreasing the possibility and amount of tokens being traded on the open market.

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Additionally, with relation to NFT’s, it discovered a means to connect charity, children and the NFT into one. The concept enables the kids to paint the pictures and then sell or auction them on the NFT marketplace.

Santa Claus Meet-Up

Their final objective in Snowmap is to visit the exact residence of Santa Claus. So it chose to get this project to the North Pole. The adventure does not stop at the North Pole. The project has amazing forthcoming ideas such as gift paper wallets, onboarding YouTubers and forming strategic relationships with like-minded enterprises. Then a website overhaul, donation videos, a CEX listing and a lot more.

About Santa Inu

The first community-powered dog token that is generous as Santa. Santa Inu is all about the belief that good people are still among us, and helping others is unusual these days. So it decided to develop a token and a complete community of wonderful souls.

Santa Inu is also audited by Solidity Finance:

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Media contact

Company: Santa Inu
Contact Name: Petr Kotrc
Address: Slany, Czech Republic

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