Sal Magluta Net Worth

Sal Magluta Net Worth And All You Need To Know About The Former Drug Lord

What is Sal Magluta Net Worth 2022? Sal Magluta was a former drug kingpin in Miami alongside his partner Willie Falcon as they both dropped out of high school together where they were just small time marijuana dealers to get more involved in the drug business. They got apprehended in 1991 and have since been the topic of discussion as they came out to the spotlight due to the documentary which is purely based on their real life story titled ‘Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings Of Miami’.

Follow this article all through to find out all that there is to know about Sal Magluta and his new worth.

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Sal Magluta Net Worth

Sal Magluta currently has a net worth of about $500k based on his assets being frozen and under investigation since he was apprehended by the law. He is also reported to be an entrepreneur and a speedboat racer.

Early life of Sal Magluta

Sal Magluta was born in Havana, Cuba on the 5th of November 1954 and was born into a Jewish Cuban family to Manuel and Gloria Magluta who use to own a bakery back in Havana. He was raised in Miami, Florida where he attended Miami High School along with his friend Willy Falcon as both were into marijuana dealings back then. They both decided to drop out of school in other to get more involved in the drug business.

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Biography of Sal Magluta

Salvador Magluta also known as Sal Magluta was born on the 5th of November 1954 in Havana, Cuba to Manuel and Gloria Magluta and is currently 67years of age. He was a drug lord who worked with Willy Falcon as a partner andis presently incarcerated at the ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado for several crimes including money laundering, falsifying documents, bribery and the rest of it and is currently serving a penalty of 9years imprisonment and 195years imprisonment. He stands at a height of 5ft 9inches and a weight of 64kg, having a mixed European ethnicity, a black colored hair and a set of dark brown eyes. He happens to be married to Isabel.

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Career: Sal Magluta Net Worth

After dropping out of high school, both Sal and Falcon made a very good team as Falcon was bringing in the client with his humor and skill to use his words while Sal was closing up the deal. Their drug network began to boom that they grew to become the suppliers of drugs like cocaine and marijuana and went ahead to make a lot bigger deals and with one of their initial successes being a massive deal to dispose off a 30kilo of cocaine for a friend.

Their dealings came to an end when they were apprehended in 1991 for drug smuggling which includes the smuggling of about 75tons of cocaine.

Personal life

Sal is quite known for his relationship with Marilyn Bonachea as both of them started dating when she was barely 15years old. The relationship came to an end when she found out he was also seeing several other ladies but they still remained good friends that Marilyn still helped Sal keep tracks of his payment while he was still facing trial but she got apprehended also and was to face about 200 years if she doesn’t provide the necessary evidence to put Magluta behind bars.

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He was married to Isabel and reports have it that she was present in the court at the time of his hearing.

Wealth dependency

His wealth comes mostly from his drug dealing as he made tons and tons of cash and was even apprehended with the sum of $2 billion cash at the time of his arrest as both him and Willy were living an extravagant lifestyle. According to various sources, he was also an entrepreneur and a speedboat racer who won about 3 national championship awards and was a distinguished member of the American Powerboat Association Commission.


Sal Magluta was initially arrested in the year 1979 though on a minor drug charge and was then sentenced to 14 months imprisonment and 5yeard of observation. He also skipped arrest in the year 1985 in Los Angeles and in the year 1991, while being all ready in pushing ahead his biggest smuggling deal which should cost about $2 billion including 75tons on cocaine, he was arrested by the law and in the 1996 trial, they were faced with a series of drug trafficking crimes but at the end of the day , they were found not guilty of the charges against them.

In the year 1997, Sal was sentenced to 9years imprisonment on the charges of falsifying documents and skipping bail. Following the 1996 trial, their finances were investigated and it was revealed that members of the jury had been bribed and then the Sal, Falcon including the jury members, their associates and some of the lawyers then we’re charged with various crimes based on their misconduct.

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In the year 2002, Sal was tried again for bringing jury members, money laundering, murdering witnesses and obstruction of justice and was found guilty on 12 out of the 30 counts laid against him and was eventually sentenced to 205 years in the federal prison and in the year 2006, his sentence was reduced to 195year.

Latest news

Based on their drug dealings both Sal and Falcon became known as‘LosMuchachos’, a Spanish word meaning ‘The Boys’. They were also the main stars in the 2021 documentary titled ‘Cocaine Boys: The Kings Of Miami’ as the documentary presented their real life story of how they started and how they ended up.

Summary: Sal Magluta Net Worth

Salvador Magluta was born in Havana, Cuba into a Jewish Cuban family and soon when he was in high school he started dealing on drugs but that wasn’t enough for his as he and his high school buddy who was also into drugs decided to drop out to chase the drug business full time and soon they were both succeeding in the business as Falcon was good with his words and brought in the clients while Sal closed the deals. Things were going all good especially when they were about to move a big deal of about 75 tons of cocaine but then they were apprehended by the police and we’re not guilty at first till they became guilty with Sal serving both a 9 years prison time and a 195 prison time.

Due to his arrest and his assets being frozen and under review his net worth dropped massively to be around $500k at the moment.

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