Quick Facts of Robert Dean “Bob” Selleck Sr.

Every person is the builder of his fortune, and I guess it is quite the same for Robert D.Selleck.Selleck began as a carpenter and eventually rose to prominence as an executive and real estate investor.

Moreover, He is the father of Tom Selleck, a legendary American actor, and film producer. Tom’s father is a brave man who served in United States Army Air Corps during World War II. Learn more about incredible actor Tom Selleck’s father in this article!

Robert D. Selleck

Robert is a well-known San Fernando Valley real estate developer. He is mainly known as the Husband of Martha Selleck, former president of the Motion Picture Mothers organization. Likewise, a father of Magnum, P.I., and Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck

Robert D. Selleck family
Robert D. Selleck family. Image source:news.amomama.com

Robert was a former vice president and director of corporate communications for Coldwell Banker Commercial Group. He is the founder of Selleck Company for Real Estate Development and Consultation.

Similarly, Selleck was a director of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, commissioner and president of the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission, and president of the Los Angeles Board of Recreation and Parks Commission.

Is Tom Selleck’s Father Dead or Alive?

Robert Dean Selleck was born on Tuesday, December 27, 1921, in Lapeer, Michigan. His parents were George Samuel and Nellie Louisa Selleck. Selleck went to Ohio Wesleyan University. Sadly, Tom Selleck’s father is dead.

Tom's wife and their daughter
Tom’s wife and their daughter. Image source: news.amomama

Unfortunately, Robert died at the age of 79. He took his last breath on Wednesday, March 21. He has been dead since 2001 due to complications during surgery at USC Medical Center. Tom’s father was lucky enough to be able to meet his son’s wife and grandchildren.

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Tom’s parents were married for nearly 60 years.

Robert Selleck and Martha must be some of the long-lasting celebrity parents in Hollywood. This kind of relationship is quite rare in today’s era. We do not know the perfect couple’s love story. However, we do know that Tom parent’s walked down the aisle on April 11, 1942.

Altogether, the long-lasting celebrity parents had four children. The oldest son, Bob, was born after two years of marriage in 1944, and a year later, Tom was born in 1945. Subsequently, one younger daughter and son Martha and Daniel, respectively.

Robert D. Selleck's son and Wife
Robert D. Selleck’s son and Wife. Image source: Pinterest

Here’s the exciting fact, Robert and his wife instructed their children not to drink, smoke, or swear until they reached 21, and they were awarded a gold watch. Therefore, Robert and Martha received the Golden Hands prize from the San Fernando Valley Boys and Girls Club and the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation’s First Premier Parents Award. 

How wealthy was Tom Selleck’s father?

Although Robert Selleck wasn’t in much spotlight, we believe he lived a very comfortable and luxurious life. However, looking back at his twenties, he hadn’t made much fortune. Selleck was a carpenter back then. He was indeed a very hardworking man, and He worked in a Coldwell Banker that neither offer him a salary nor guarantee future sales. Robert was brilliant, though. He made his earning solely on commission.

The unhappiness of Tom’s father with carpentry drove him to transfer his family to Sherman Oaks, California, where he was looking for real state success. Soon he found success as an executive and real estate investor. As a real estate investor, Selleck had amassed an enormous amount. We believe he had a Net Worth over $5 Million.

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Tom Selleck with his car
Tom Selleck posing with his car. Image source: Instagram

Furthermore, Robert was the founder of the Selleck Company for Real Estate Development and Consultation. During his long career in real estate, he was a vice president and director of corporate communications at Coldwell Banker Commercial Group. 

In conclusion, He lived 79 years, experiencing each side of life, ending with a joyful and fortunate life with his family.

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