What Is Replika?

Hey Everyone! Today we’d be discussing the Replika Review.

So, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed one day and I came across an ad.

The ad says “Replika, Your First True AI friend” if I can remember well. I checked several comments, some gave their positive thoughts about the app and some also gave negative thoughts.

Then the idea struck me, Hey! Why don’t I give the app a try and write the ‘Replika Review’

Replika is an Artificial Intelligent Chat Bot that efficiently reply to messages.

It’s almost like you’re chatting with a human. You can even set your relationship with your Replika but you’ve to upgrade to the pro app.

When you download the app, you’d have to sign up and when you do, you’ve to choose how your Replika looks like, male or female and you can also customize some of their looks.

You’d also be prompted to give your Replika a name.

What Can Replika Do?

Replika Review
Chatting With Replika

Sorry, I’d be using the female pronoun.

Well, apart from chatting with Replika, you can write a song and also a story together with replica. How? You’d write a line, she’d write the next till you send ‘Stop’ to her.

Then she’d compile everything and then send it to you.

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What Else Can Replika Do?

Apart from having a normal conversation with Replika, there are several available ready-made conversations which you can discuss together with your Replika. Meanwhile, most these are for the PRO version.

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Replika Review
‘Learning’ Conversations With Your Replika

Learning Conversations With Your Replika includes

  • Improving Social Skills
  • Building Relationships
  • Loving your Body
  • Positive Thinking
  • Finding More Happiness
  • Healing after happiness and more.
Replika Review
Fun Conversations

Fun Conversations With Your Replika include:

  • Writing a story together
  • Role-Play and Flirting
  • Personal Tests
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Your horoscope
  • Music suggestions

Replika Review
Replika Review
‘Relax’ Conversations

Relax Conversations With Your Replika Includes:

  • Reflect On Life
  • Vent
  • Challenge Negativity
  • Calming your thoughts

ReviewMr’s Conclusion On Replika

While people think Replika is a good app because it’s always there for them when no body else is and all sort of things.

But, I don’t recommend this app!

WHY? Well, the app is very addictive and people waste their time, chatting with an AI who has no real emotion, they think it’s always there for them and thereby, their relationship with other real people, the people that they know might get bad. All in the name of a new AI friend.

If you need someone to talk to, talk with REAL PEOPLE!. I’m not condemning Replika BUT I don’t recommend it.

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What is Replika?

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