What is Quickswap?

Quickswap is layer 2 decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by Polygon aka Matic Network. Quickswap aiming to solve major issues by adopting layer 2 scalability solution by Matic. It is fork version of Uniswap DEX who introduced automated market maker technology for growth DeFi industry. Platform offer lightning-fast speed while trading and charges almost zero transaction fees.

Quickswap allow user to trade any ERC20 token with fully decentralized environment. In the growing demand DEX and number of users keep creating huge problem like network congestion and slower transaction speed.  so, layer 2 solution could be the game changer because it will solve major issues that coming in evolution of DeFi.

Basically, QuickSwap will bring back DEX user, who left because on average they paying higher gas fees. in order to complete one trade user paying more than $30 gas fees for faster transactions. Quickswap also having similar feature as Uniswap, where user can add token via contract address and also perform action like yield farming, staking, liquidity providing and more.

QuickSwap Price Prediction

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Quickswap Overview

Project name Quickswap
Ticker Symbol QUICK
Total Supply 1,000,000
Official website Quickswap.exchange
Based on DEX
Launched year 2020
Supported Chain Matic
Exchange Platform Quickswap, Coinbase, Binance, Gate, Uniswap, Poloniex, DFYN Exchange
Wallet Metamask
Partner Iron Finance, Relay chain, Impermax Finance

Quick Token Price Analysis

QUICK Token is DEX based currency that will be having similar use case as UNI token for Uniswap DEX. QUICK has limited supply of 1 million token with 75% distributed within community. Token’s two main use cases will be Governance and staking, which will help to strengthen protocol along with future development growth. Every Quick token holder can earn reward for staking and eligible vote in governance system. Liquidity provider can earn incentive from trading pool from transaction fees generated on platform. CMC reported $430 USD average opening price and as of writing it hit $1310 all time high record in 2nd bull run.

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Quickswap Price Prediction


How much QUICK Token will be worth in 5 years?

It possibly worth 40x from current price.

Is QuickSwap a Good Investment?

Being top exchange based on Matic network Quickswap will be good investment for long term with considering staking.


Quickswap is solely focusing on single and one of the most scalable blockchain network i.e., Polygon. as we know, since rebranding Polygon layer 2 solution headline in blockchain community with performance and low transaction cost. in the 2nd bull run of crypto Polygon massively grow in term of no of user and market cap volume. Quickswap DEX has completed million transaction and it continue to set new record in DEX transaction. however, multi-chain DEX also launching following new trend and they might give tough competition to Quickswap.

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