What Is Qleek.ng?

Qleek.ng Review

According to the information on their website, Qleek.ng is simply a marketing company.

They claim to apply top-notch technology to social media marketing in order to expose businesses to more customers at affordable cost.

Qleek is an online advertising company that makes it possible for advertisers to publish ads on their website.

Before advertisers can publish ads, obviously, they’d need to pay.

There’s also a way you can make money on the website and that’s why I felt the need to write the Qleek Review.

How Does Qleek Works?

Here’s what you should know, there are basically two types of memberships on the platform.

The two memberships are for different purposes.

  • Qleek For Advertisers
  • Qleek For Marketers


Qleek Review

This membership is mainly for those who just want their business, product or service to have more publicity, thereby want to advertise with Qleek.ng.

Here, you’d need to pay to advertise and in return, you get more exposure.

Here are the things you should know about the Advertisers Membership;

  • You can start with as little as ₦50 per lead. They claim to provide a cost-efficient way of pushing your services and business to the eyes of willing customers.
  • They also claim you’ll reach your right audience with the help of their targeting tools.
  • Also, they claim they make use of advanced algorithm to detect false leads and therefore, they won’t charge you for that.
  • The minimum amount you can fund your account with is ₦5000, but you can run ads with just ₦1000
  • Pornographic related advertisements and adverts that go against the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are not allowed.
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To create advertisements, login to your account and click on create ad, create your ad and then submit.

The ad will be reviewed and then start running if it doesn’t go against their policies.
Qleek Review

Qleek.ng Review


Qleek.ng Review

And the second membership is the one which you can use to make money on the platform.

This involves subscribing and then sharing the adverts placed by the advertisers on their Facebook timeline and WhatsApp statuses.

They get paid daily for following the routine.

Here’s what you should know about the membership;

  • You’ll need to subscribe with ₦1000 (which is valid for just a week, after that you’d need to renew in order to continue).
  • You can earn up to ₦12000 depending on the number of people that clicked on the advert you shared.
  • The adverts are social and spam-free
  • You can share to your social media platforms with one click.

Qleek Review

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How To Earn On Qleek

Like I said above, only those who subscribed for the Marketers membership are entitled to earning on the platform.

Now how do they earn?

I already said they earn by sharing the adverts made by advertisers on their social media platforms, now how much do they earn for doing this?


Marketers earn;

  • ₦400 for 0-4 clicks
  • ₦500 for 5-9 clicks
  • ₦600 for 10-24 clicks
  • ₦800 for 25-49 clicks
  • ₦1,200 for 50-74 clicks
  • ₦1500 for 75-99 clicks.
  • Also you can earn by referring other people to join, using your join unique referral/affiliate link.
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Qleek.ng Review

Qleek Review

How To Withdraw On Qleek

The minimum amount you can withdraw is ₦5,000 and the platform pays directly to your bank account.

All withdrawals will be processed and paid every Wednesday.

Qleek Registration

For Qleek.ng Registration, CLICK HERE, you can choose to register as a marketer or advertiser, either ways, here are the details you need to register;

  • Full name
  • Your State
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email Address

After registration, click on Activate Account and the scroll to click on subscribe, make your payment to the account details displayed and click on I’ve sent the money.

Fill in your payment details to confirm and activate your account.

Qleek Login

For Qleek.ng Login, you must have successfully registered.

To log in back, you need your;

  • Email Address
  • Password.

Qleek.ng Review

Qleek Review

Qleek Review (Qleek.ng Review)

Here are some quick speculations of the platform;

Website Type: Social Media Marketing

Website Url: https://qleek.ng

Registration Fee: Yes (for marketers ₦1000)

Founder: – – – – – – – – – – – –

Registered With Authority?: No

Legit Or Scam?: Find Out Below.

Is Qleek.ng Legit Or Scam?

Without a clear proof, I can’t pronounce the platform as scam, but I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Here are my reasons;

Not Registered With CAC

First of all, the platform isn’t registered with CAC, although even if it was it doesn’t stop it from being a scam but at least, a company should at least get registered to put a bit of trust in the hearts of people.

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Qleek Review

Still New

This is a disadvantage because people don’t trust new platforms easily.

With the information I found, the domain was registered on the 7th of September but it started running few days or weeks ago.

No Detailed Information About The Company/Founder

A company with goals this clear should at least update a page for more information about the company and the founder.

We should also at least know where it’s located or just a bit of information about the founder would do.


Okay, last but not least is the structure of earning on the Marketers membership.

With the information they provided, the highest you can earn is ₦1500 is you can get up to 75-99 clicks on a advert that you shared.

Now Imagine if I run an advertisement on their website as an advertiser using just ₦1,000 and you, as a marketer shared the post and got 75-99 clicks, that means you’d earn ₦1,500.

Other marketers did the same too and they are also lucky to get up to 75-99 clicks which also earn each of them ₦1,500.

Do you know what that means? A huge deficit for them! Now how do they intend on paying in this kind of occasion?

Well it’s left to them.

My conclusion is that Qleek.ng is NOT RECOMMENDED for both advertisers and marketers.

Are you a member and you don’t agree with my Qleek.ng Review? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Qleek.ng Review

Qleek Review

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