Akita Inu, a meme coin, is one of the first meme coins of 2021. The coin had its all-time high price in the second week of May 2021 but dropped back in less than a week. The token would retain a low price for several months before another bullish growth in October, where the token skyrocketed until late October.

  • Bitrise platform comes with innovative tokenomics
  • The platform offers attractive rewards to investors
  • Bitrise is a hyper-deflationary token

From the start of November 2021, Akita Inu has been plummeting, and December seems to carry on with the same trend. At the same time, promising and newer coins that are doing well in the crypto market, like Bitrise coin, have come up.

Bitrise is a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. The token was launched on 28th July 2021, and for the last four months, the project has been gaining recognition from the crypto community. Bitrise decentralized financial system enables users to earn, spend, lend, borrow and receive money using the platform’s wallet.

Unlike Akita Inu, a meme coin, Bitrise coin is a stable coin built on a solid foundation, the DeFi protocol. The Akita coin is built on marketing and not a solid product. That’s why it has been plummeting fast. Bitrise, as a mainstream coin, is attracting Akita Inu investors looking for a more stable and rewarding coin.

But there is more than Bitrise is offering than this meme coin. A look at the decentralized financial system that Bitrise is building shows a powerful project that will be a game-changer in DeFi. The platform will enable users to lend, spend and earn in a decentralized environment. The low cost of transactions, better speed and security makes this Bitrise a powerful product.

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In just four months, the team has also accomplished a lot with products like Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and Bitrise dApp wallet already running in the ecosystem. The team announced the exchange is launching in Q1-2022 and that research on the blockchain has started. The fast accomplishment is attracting Akita Inu community members.

The rewards that $BRISE token holders are getting is another reason why Akita Inu members are joining the coin. The staking process is starting soon and has attracted thousands of investors. The platform is sharing 80% APY of the revenue that products in the ecosystem generates. With three products already running in the ecosystem, there is a lot of the revenue that Akita investors will get from staking the $BRISE token.

The innovative Bitrise coin tokenomic is another aspect attracting Akita Inu members to this token. The 4% of every transaction is redistributed to all token holders every 60 minutes. The distribution is automated. The $BRISE token is hyper-deflationary, so its scarcity is a guarantee.

Many crypto community members will continue to join Bitrise coin because of these attractive features. This is a high potent DeFi project and crypto coin.

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