What Is PlatiniumXPWallet?

Platiniumxpwallet as the name implies is a reputable semi gambling digital wallet, aiming at giving all individuals the best deals/odds also with an enormous earning opportunity, Platiniumxp is also an earning wallet that helps you make much cryptocurrencies and USD in the  globe at large.

Their aim is to put an end to economic strangulation, create a financial breakthrough and make all their members self dependent no matter the economic state of the world and contribute to the global economic development. Platiniumxpwallet is an online notable platform  where  you earn and get paid by spinning, accumulations of platiniumxpcoins, making referrals and so much more.

Platiniumxpwallet, just like other wallets(such as binance, blockchain etc) has similar features; PLTXPwalllet practices both a decentralized and centralized system of transactions. Meaning that transactions  within the network is regulated in a centralized location and also  enables peer to peer transactions to be carried out while fully secured.

What Is PlatiniumXP Coin?

Platiniumxpcoin is a local digital currency developed in the early  months of 2021 & is solely held by the Platiniumxpwallet. The PLTXPcoin is a coin with minimal market volatility and increasing value, due to it’s outstanding & unique features.

PLTXPcoins is a coin developed by a group of South Africa-based, Nigerians. Who are also forex traders, to serve as an alternative to the country’s devaluing currency and which works just like some known cryptocurrencies. It is a coin used for the transactions and services carried out in Platiniumxpwallet.

The PLTXPCOIN was built on its own. So it’s not listed nor can it be found in any other wallet.

Why You Should Buy

Just as stated earlier, PLTXPCOIN is a coin that was mainly developed for gambling and some other minor purposes, unknown to many the gambling nature of this coin keeps the market volatility at a very minimal level and thereby leaving the market bullish at most times. Not also to talk of the jaw-dropping 10% affiliate bonus given to anyone who’s able to refer someone to PLTXP WALLET.

PlatiniumXPWallet Coupon Agents

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Platinium XP Wallet Insurance

Every smart person would love to be insured on Platiniumxpwallet; being that they would love to know how PLTXP WALLET generate income.

Now, asides that PLTXPWALLET is a semi gambling platform which means that people win and loose(bear in my mind that funds lost to spinning now belongs to PLTXP WALLET). PLTXPWALLET just like some financial institutions such as commercial banks, they give out short termed loans to individuals. PLTXP Also being a platform founded by forex traders, part of the money generated are used in trading forex by pros, just the way some banks do.

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Requesting For Withdrawal

In requesting for withdrawal (after you must have inputted the required amout of PLTXPcoins you wish to exchange for liquid cash).

Within the space of 24-48 hours an agent of Platiniumxpwallet credits you, so the name of the depositor is usually the name of the agent who credited you.

for confirmation purpose, the narration of the credit alert received bears PLATINIUMXP. Within 24-48 hours of your withdrawal period, once your request to withdraw is approved an email is sent across to you. Most times you get paid in less than 24 hours.

Another super cool feature of Platiniumxpwallet: it enables charge backs; within the space of 24-48 hours after you have requested to withdraw and you wish that the whole transactions gets terminated all you have to do is send “terminate current transaction” to Platiniumxpwallet via their support mail.

Not just that, you can also buy and sell the PLTXPcoins at your own rates( just the way you trade cryptocurrencies); you can send assets using the recipient wallet address.

Once digital assets are successfully transferred an email having the above content is received.

The Spin Wheel

It is known that a spin wheel was built in Platiniumxpwallet. Now, this is the feature that makes Platiniumxpwallet a semi gambling platform.

The spin wheel enables you put your gaming luck to test; your assets can be doubled or lost at a spin.

To locate the spin wheel; click on the “spin and win” bar below your dashboard page, input the required amount you wish to use in spinning and click on spin.

The Insured Spin (Bonus Spin)

The insured spin is more like a bonus from Platiniumxpwallet to its users, so as the name implies, spinning via this method is insured. ie, you’re a 101% sure of not loosing when you spin according to the policies of the INSURED SPIN.

Now, how does this work?

Platiniumxpwallet wallet has about 13 listed amounts, each time either  of this amount is used in spinning you have a regular amount of top up (extra PLTXPcoins gained) directly proportional to the listed amount used in spinning. This insured spin is only available for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which are the insured spinning days.

Note: you’re eligible to spin once a day when you’re insured spinning. most, if not all Platiniumxpwallet users practice the insured spin method.

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The Listed Amount

These are regulated amounts of PLTXPcoins used in spinning on the insured spinning days.

Please note that when spinning, you must input either of these amounts each time you wish to spin. Even if you have gained much PLTXPcoins don’t be tempted to use an unlisted amount to spin unless you wish to raffle spin.

The Raffle Spin (Gamble Spin)

The raffle spin is the actual gamble, digital assets can be doubled, tripled or lost at a spin.

Now, in raffle spinning you can spin on anyday of the week, with any amount of PLTXPcoins (at least 1 PLTXP) as long as it’s not a listed amount. Raffle spinning is all a game of luck.

How To Fund Your Account

There are two easy ways one can fund his/her account in Platiniumxpwallet. (asides transfer of digital assets)

  1. You can fund your account via PayPal, i.e. using your credit card and other required details, this method can be a little tedious, tho it’s preferable to some people.
  2. When you login to your account

-Click your profile icon

-go to the fund account

-click on message agent for a coupon code; the agent would give you a coupon code in which you would have to paste on the space for
redeem coupon code. This method is the easiest method of funding your account.

How To Apply For Verification

Getting your account verified in Platiniumxpwallet enables  you  withdraw directly into your bank account or your crypto wallet.

Accounts are easily verified, All you have to do is upload the two  needed documents; after that it takes 7-14 days from the day  one applied for verification for your account to get verified.

You can always start spinning before your account is verified

*VERIFICATION PROCESS*(for the website)

  1. Upload a clear passport photo of yourself(a clear selfie can also serve).
  • Select an ID card type.
  • Upload a clear picture of the ID card selected(NIN, students ID card, work place ID card, any ID card that shows your face and name)

When you must have uploaded all required  documents,  your verification status turns from *RED TO YELLOW*, which shows  that your account is under verification process.

Once your account is verified, your verification status turns from * YELLOW TO GREEN*.

*PLEASE NOTE* after uploading each document, you must ensure that  it shows “file updated successfully” before you go ahead to upload the next document.

*VERIFICATION PROCESS*(for the mobile app)

  1. Upload a clear passport photo of yourself(a clear selfie can also serve).
  • After that, you exit the page and come back again
  • Select an ID card type.
  • Upload a clear picture of the ID card selected(NIN, students ID card,

work place ID card, any ID card that shows your face and name)

When you must have uploaded all required documents,  your  verification status still remains a red “x”; once your account is verified  it changes to a green tick.

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*PLEASE NOTE* after uploading each document, you must ensure that  it shows “file updated successfully” before you go ahead to upload the next document.

How To Make Great Affiliate Bonuses In PLXTP

PLT XP is just like a win win to everyone; the company is gaining massively , you as an individual is equally gaining massively.

PLT XP included the affiliate bonus feature for people who already had vast network of people to earn themselves more money.

An affiliate bonus of *10%* of whatever initial investment a person who you are able to refer to buy the PLTXP coin, is awarded.

Those who have little network of people shouldn’t be felt left out, there are very easy ways to get people register and purchase the coin using your affiliate link.

  1. You can run advertisements on various WhatsApp tv’s.
  2. Using Instagram or Facebook sponsored posts.
  3. You can also ask your friends to help post on their various statuses.

Using the above means, I believe you can create a great network of people who would want to register or purchase the coin.

Now let me burst some bubbles, do you know after you’re done registering and you don’t have the capital to fund your account, you can get people to register using your affiliate link, and then Mr A who used your affiliate link to create an account now decides to fund his account with 200k worth of PLTXP COINS, you’re now making 20k worth PLTXP COINS because he created an account using your affiliate link, irrespective of that PLT XP makes sure that you are awarded your bonuses, this is also a means of getting started with PLATINIUMXP.

It was made this way for those who are less privileged but have the drive to work. So the choice is yours. This affiliate feature keeps the PLTXP COIN pumping. Note: the affiliate feature is strictly optional(not compulsory that you participate)

How To Fill Your Account Information and How To Terminate An Executed Transaction

Filling of account information in Platiniumxpwallet tends to get a little confusing. But here is the way it works.

If you’re to withdraw funds less than five million naira then it’s best to leave the provision made for “crypto type” and “crypto wallet address”. Those provisions were made for users who Wishes to withdraw amounts more than 5 million naïra at a go.

-crypto type: this provision is for the crypto type you wish to be paid in, whether btc, eth, bnb etc

-cryto wallet address: the wallet address of the already chosen crypto type is what you’re required to fill in the space.

Endeavor to fill in your bank account details correctly to avoid errors in transfer.

You can always update your account information at any moment you wish to do so.

When you wish to paid via a non existing medium you can always write an email to PLTXP WALLET telling them how you wish to be paid.

To  terminate an already executed transaction all you need do is write   an email containing “terminate current transaction” to PLTXP WALLET. This can be applied when you requested to withdraw and decided to terminate it he withdrawal request.

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