Who Is Ovaioza?

Ovaioza Biography

Imu Ovaioza Yunusa was born on 30th December 1993. She hails from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State and began her academic pursuit at the College of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Okene, Kogi State.

She would later proceed to the School of Nursing And Midwifery, Nasarawa State, and the Bayero University, Kano, where she bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Education.

Ovaioza is a seasoned entrepreneur with groundbreaking achievements in the fields of agriculture, food production, and skills acquisition. She is the founder of Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business (OFPB) and Ovaioza Skills Acquisition Center (OSAC) both dedicated to business excellence, customer satisfaction, and collaboration with the public and organized private sector.

She is a renowned philanthropist, social media sensation, certified midwife, biologist, educationist, promotional model, and brand ambassador of various reputable outfits. Her outstanding contributions to humanity have also earned her various recognitions ranging from the All African Students Union (AASU), West African Student Union (WASU), African Leadership Strategy and Transparency Development Initiative (ALSTD), among many others.

Ovaioza Businesses

Currently, Ovaioza has three businesses:

Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business


Agriculture is a viable sector capable of providing financially for the average Nigerian family. I mean eat food and make money from selling food. Agriculture after all is about food first. Thus the birth of the Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business.

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Everyone will agree that 2020 has been a tumultuous year. With the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown worldwide, businesses shut down, jobs were lost. Poverty was on the rise. I made a decision Post Covid-19 lockdown. This was one journey I least expected to be on. Subconsciously maybe. The reality of it all didn’t seem plausible especially with my job. But I took a step.

I remember buying my first bag of Egusi and wondering if I was making the right decision. You know the feeling of ” let me not go and throw away money I don’t have.”


Ovaioza Skills Acquisition Center

Ovaioza Skills Acquisition Center(OSAC) is an establishment designed to aid the growth of Nigerian youth. The need for skills in this era of financial uncertainty cannot be overemphasized. At OSAC, they would teach you and arm you with skills guaranteed to help you earn.

The number of available jobs in the country is lower than the number of qualified graduates. There are a lot of youths without a source of income, and yearly this number is on the rise.
OSAC saw this problem and came up with a way to solve it. While there may not be enough jobs, people will never run out of the need for certain services. OSAC is dedicated to teaching young people how to provide these services to the masses.
They have a long list of important money-making skills that we are willing to teach youths at an affordable fee.

The CEO, Ovaioza, is a perfect representation of how far learning a skill and venturing into entrepreneurship could take you. In her years of experience as a business person, she has met with and seen youths without purchasing power, and she realized that there had to be more for them. This was why she created OSAC, to help youths gain purchasing power, using learned skills as a means to earn.

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Relax and Chill By Ovaioza

Relax and Chill

The last on this list (for now) is the recently launched ‘relax and chill’

Is Ovaioza Married?

Yes! Ovaioza got married on the 12th Of January, 2022. A Facebook post made by her confirms this. Check out the pictures she posted on Facebook.

Ovaioza Married
Ovaioza Married
Ovaioza Married

Ovaioza Net Worth


We have no estimate of what Ovaioza is worth as at the time this was written, but yeah, she’s worth hundreds of millions of naira.

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