In addition to the H510’s easy-to-integrate features, this compact mid-tower is ideal for showcasing RBG-focused builds thanks to its front tempered glass panel, which displays the included Aer 2 RGB fans as well as the H510’s easy-to-integrate features.
Two tempered glass panels for showcasing stunning RGB builds in their natural environment.

  •  Two Aer RGB (Rainbow) Included are two fans as well as one RGB LED.
  • A radiator mounting bracket that can be removed.
  • A USB-C connector that is compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2.


H510 Elite Premium Compact Mid-tower ATX Case

The H510 Elite Premium Compact Mid-tower ATX Case is a premium compact mid-tower ATX case.

The H510 Elite compact ATX mid-tower is ideal for your RGB build because of its small size and high performance. You’ll find our renowned Aer RGB 2 fans, which are flush-mounted behind the tempered glass front panel and keep your components brilliantly cool. Some of the standout features include well-engineered airflow, a removable radiator mounting bracket, multiple fan filters, a vertical GPU mount, a front panel USB-C connector, and an all-steel and tempered glass construction, just to name a few of the highlights. The H510 Elite is also equipped with the NZXT Smart Device V2, which provides power to the integrated RGB light strips and case fans.

  • Two tempered glass panels complete your build, allowing you to show off your RGB build to its best advantage. To get you started, we’ve included two Aer RGB 2 fans as well as an RGB LED strip in the box.
  • In order to provide a smarter and easier build experience, the H510 Elite includes a detachable radiator mounting bracket as well as easy-to-use SSD trays and an exclusive cable management system. Aside from two HUE 2 RGB lighting channels and three fan channels that support 0dB modes for voltage-regulated or PWM fans, the new Smart Device 2 also includes two HUE 2 RGB lighting channels.
  • Connecting smartphones, high-speed external storage devices, and the latest peripherals to your PC has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatible USB-C connector located on the front panel.
  • In addition to the clean, modern design, there is an iconic cable management bar and uninterrupted tempered-glass panels to showcase your impressive build.
  • The intuitive NZXT CAM application allows you to monitor and control your build, selecting from presets or custom controls for your RGB lighting and fans to build the PC of your dreams.
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Dimensions are as follows: W: 210mm H: 435mm D: 428mm (without feet)

Dimensions: W: 210mm H: 460mm D: 428mm (with feet)

SGCC Steel, Tempered Glass are the primary building materials.

Weight: 7.5 kilograms

Clearance: Cable Management Dimensions: 19-23mm

Graphics card clearance is up to 368.6mm without a front radiator installed, and up to 313.6mm with a front radiator installed

Clearance for vertical GPU mounting: 40.64mm

CPU Cooler: Up to 165mm in diameter

Radiator in the front: 60mm  Radiator at the rear is 60mm in diameter.

Reservoir and pump: up to 180mm in diameter (Along cable bar) Up to a maximum of 86mm (Along bottom panel)

Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX motherboards are all supported.

Front I/O Ports: 1x USB port on the front panel USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C1x Adapter 3.1 Audio for the Type-A1x Gen 1 Headset Jack Internal headers for front I/O and 1x USB The USB 3.1 Gen 2 Internal Header has one USB port. The USB 3.1 Gen 1 Internal Header has one USB port. 2.0 Internal Header1x HD Audio Header2x HD Audio Header

Filters: All air intakes are filtered.

Smart Device V2: V2 of the Smart Device

RGB LED Lighting: a total of three fan channels with a maximum output of ten watts per channel*two RGB LED channels, each of which can support up to four HUE 2 addressable LED strips or five Aer RGB 2 fans

Noise detection module integrated into the device*

It should be noted that when a splitter is used, fan control is regulated according to the fan connected to the 4-pin port. Low-noise adapters should not be used.

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LED Lighting with Color Temperature (RGB)

2x Integrated Aer RGB 2 140mm Fans1x Integrated addressable LED Strip 2x Integrated addressable LED Strip

GPU Mount with 2 Slots in the Vertical Position

Drive Bays: 2.5″: 2+13.5″: 2+1

It is necessary to remove the RGB fans if you intend to mount the radiator on the front of the computer.
Two 140mm or two 120mm radiator supports with a pull* are used on the front of the radiator.

Slots for Expansion: 7

1x 120mm at the rear

Support from the audience: Front: two 120mm and two 140mm studs (2x AER RGB 2 140mm included)

1x 120mm and 1x 140mm on the top (1x AER F140 Case Version Included)

1x 120mm at the rear (1x AER F120 Case Version Included)

Specs for the fan: Aer RGB 2 is an acronym that stands for Aer RGB 2 and RGB 2. (140mm)

Speed ranges from 500 to 1,500 RPMA.

irflow: 30.39 – 91.19 cubic feet per minute

MNoise: 22 to 33 decibels

Air pressure ranges between 0.17 and 1.52mm-H2OB.earing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing earing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing PWM Fan Connector with 4 Pins.


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