• Moon NFT Metaverse is based entirely on the Earth’s satellite.
  • Moon users can develop the Moon as an entirely new civilization from scratch.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) continue to blow up the crypto space. In fact, these NFTs have already generated a smashing sales record of $43 billion in the past month. Moon — the world’s first NFT Metaverse based entirely on the Earth’s satellite, is currently on fire right now. In addition, it was developed by Moon.ws game development company.

The Moon Metaverse is integrated with so many cool features that users and investors can enjoy. Firstly, 26,000 HEX virtual land plots, represented by NFTs, cover the entire lunar surface. It can be bought, sold, rented, and developed as a player sees fit using the Moon (MON) token.

Secondly, users can develop the Moon as an entirely new civilization. For instance, from scratch — opening mines and businesses, building real estate and infrastructure, and creating the political structures needed to administer ‘Moon countries’.

In addition, there is a play-to-earn structure that rewards top players for winning competitions, creating value in their countries, and outmaneuvering competitors via wars, alliances, and superior economic performances. With all these amazing features mentioned above, Moon truly will rock the world of NFT.

Furthemore, the Moon gameplay can be described as a combination of strategic games such as Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, and SimCity.

What’s more, Moon land NFTs are a rare, non-replicable and finite resource. The users can increase the value of their holdings by developing land holdings into viable economic, political, and military Moon countries. Also, users can use a series of sophisticated game add-ons to accelerate the development and success of their lunar colonies. Therefore, rapidly increasing their holdings’ value.

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On the other hand, Moon positions itself as one of the unique Metaverse NFT in space. As a result, players can look forward to many great things within the network. These include an exciting number of in-game NFTs for players to boost their performance such as extra oxygen supplies, mining tools, moon-adapted excavating equipment, and more.

Also, there are additional rewards available by participating in mystery-solving competitions, traveling to the moon’s dark side, and solving conspiracy theories. Lastly, you can set up the moon as a base for travel back to Earth and other planets in the solar system and beyond. Thus, making it a fully interplanetary Metaverse.

Meanwhile, Moon is planning to launch at a very positive moment when NFTs are flying very high. Through all these things mentioned above, Moon is in a great position to be one of the major success stories in the Metaverse space.

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