Millcrypto Review 2020: Is Millcrypto Legit Or Scam?

What Is Millcrypto?

I’m writing this millcrypto review to notify people about the 5-month old investment platform.

Is Millcrypto Legit Or Scam? Find out at the end of the review.

The Investment platform claims to be a legal company based in Canada.

On their website, they claim they are based in 42 Balsam Ave Toronto ON M4E 3B4(Toronto ,Ontario).

They platform claims to have been established back in 2018 and then became an investment company few months b noack in 2020.

They claim the platform has become one of the quick rising investment sites with over 682000 users!

The platform is available worldwide, anyone from any country can invest.

They also have multiple payment options and claims to have a very active support.

They claim they have a team who are exper in traditional and emerging mining technology.

They invest your money in cryptos such as BTC, XRP, ETC and ETH to generate huge profits in short time.

Millcrypto Review

How Does It Work?

On Millcrypto, all you have to do is sign up for free.

Choose an investment package and make payment in either bitcoin or ethereum and then receive certain ROI of your invest over some period of time.

The platform has 5 investment packages which we’re going to look into in this article.

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Investment Packages

The platform has 5 investment packages and they are;

Beginner Plan

Here, you can invest a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $50.

The duration for the whole investment is just 3 days.

You’ll earn 17% + your investment after the 3 days.

Classic Plan

Here, you can invest a minimum of $70 and a maximum of $120.

The duration for the whole investment is just 5 days.

You’ll earn 20% + your investment after the 5 days.

Plantoid Plan

Here, you can invest a minimum of $150 and a maximum of $350.

The duration for the whole investment is just 10 days.

You’ll earn 25% + your investment after the 10 days.

Standard Plan

Here, you can invest a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1000.

The duration for the whole investment is just 14 days.

You’ll earn 30% + your investment after the 14 days.

Ultimate Plan

Here, you can invest a minimum of $1500 and a maximum of $10000.

The duration for the whole investment is just 21 days.

You’ll earn 43% + your investment after the 21 days.

Millcrypto Review

Why You Should Invest (According to Them)

According to MillCrypto, they use advanced investment techniques like financial leveraging, guaranteed earnings even when the cryptos are fluctuating.

Which means, you won’t lose but gain.

High income Rate

They also claim you can safely invest in them, claiming your investments are used to purchase and resell mining fields.

Your ROI is strongly guaranteed.

Business Efficiency claim to have a team which comprises of only qualified individuals connected with the financial industry.

ROI transparency

After the duration of your investment, MillCrypto investment pays each investor back their invested money as returns on investments with interest rate depending on the package invested in.

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Millcrypto Registration

Here are the things you need to register on the platform;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Country
  • Referral Code (If you have)

Millcrypto Login

After successful registration, you can login to the website with your;

  • Username
  • Password

Is Millcrypto Legit?

To the most important question, Is Millcrypto Legit? If you’d ask me, the simple answer is NO.

Why? Take a look at my top three vital reasons why I think the platform is nothing but a waste of time and money!

Incorrect Address.

I checked the address stated on their website on Google Maps and it doesn’t match the name of their company at all.

It isn’t even similar. The name of the place that matches their address is Assignment Help.

Why would they lie about their address??

The ‘Team’ Page

I checked the team page of the website. Usually in websites or companies like that, they’d provide the names of their team members, but in this case, they didn’t.

All they provided was a picture which I considered to be just random pictures of people who might not even be related to the platform.

Lies About Their Members

The platform claimed that they have over 682000 users, yet they have no single Facebook page or Facebook community group which is common and in fact important for things like this.

In Conclusion,

Millcrypto is not advisable to join, everything about the platform is shady.

This is the end of my Millcrypto Review

There’s a platform where you can save your ETH and you’d get 2.2% daily interest on it, read about Coinentrust.

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