Quick Facts of Brittany Johnson

  • Full NameBrittany Johnson
  • Net Wortharound $5 million US
  • Date of Birth04 January, 2001
  • NicknameLovely Peaches
  • Marital Status
  • Ethnicity
  • ProfessionFormer Social Media Star and Singer
  • Nationality
  • Eye colour
    Dark Brown
  • Hair colour
    Dark Brown
  • Height5ft 3 inch
  • Weight80kg
  • Online PresenceFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Children1 Daughter
  • Horoscope

People worldwide notice internet personalities as influencers and inspirations. Then there are some contentious individuals like Lovely Peaches real name Brittany Johnson, who explicitly used social media.

An American social media personality and singer, Peaches gained fame for her disturbing/disgusting video content on various social media platforms like Tiktok, Snapchat, and Youtube.

Moreover, Peache first gained immediate attention after constantly threatening TikTok star Charli D’Amelio. Afterward, she again gained notoriety for faking her Daughter’s death on the internet.

Further, the star recently lost custody of her daughter, Cora, and most of her social media accounts made banned. To know the full story of these annoying stars, then stay with us until the end!

Who Are Lovely Peaches?

The social media personality Lovely was born Brittany Johnson on January 4, 2001, under the birth sign of Capricorn.

Currently, 22 years old lady’s exact place of birth remains unmentioned, but she is indeed a citizen of the United States.

Lovely Peaches with her pet. Image Credit: Insider

Nonetheless, further information regarding her parents, siblings, and other family is still under the wrap. Even, she has yet to share insights into her educational journey.

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But, we can presume that she might be pursuing her higher studies in one of the renowned universities in her hometown.

Career Overview

Professionally, the chocolaty girl is a social media sensation, singer, entrepreneur and primarily a video creator who became famous for her @lovelypeachesmusic100 Instagram account.

Also, she rose to stardom thanks to her @iamlovelypeaches100 TikTok account. As a singer, Brittany has released her original music on Spotify.

When Johnson was a young teen, she started using the social media platform; Instagram. Then after a while, in July of 2020, Tiktok banned her for multiple community guidelines violations. Moreover, in May of 2020, she posted a duet on TikTok with Baby Ariel.

In addition, Baby Ariel is a renowned singer and content creator. Further, she has gained significant followings across several social media handles.

Other than this, the young singer released her first song titled Aww in December 2017. After that, in 2018, Ariel began to appear in Baby Doll Records. Also, Baby was the 1st individual to pass 20 million followers on musical.ly, now called TikTok.

Her Disturbing Content

The social media influencer Peaches gained fame on various platforms for creating disgusting comedy videos. Initially, she came to the public eye after posting some upsetting recordings on her Snapchat profile.

Innumerous internet users took notice of content and commenced to remark on both her recording and emotional well-being randomly.

Some of her disturbing content on her videos were scouring her feminine blood on the face, eating her excrement, licking utilized sterile pads and tampons, drinking cleaning supplies, and other appalling acts.

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Lovely Peaches annoying videos. Image Credit: YouTube

Furthermore, the immature content creator has also been entangled in several controversies for nagging and misbehaving with her little Daughter named Caro and her pet dog.

Also, audiences have labeled her as a prostitute as she has openly confessed to proffering herself to older men in exchange for food, money, and shelter.

Apart, Brittany cast unedited footage of her having coupling, which she later uploaded to an adult website.

After this, some social media users also heavily criticized her for penning a rap titled Itching and Burning. Although the previous rap shared her sensitive issues, individuals scolded her for her caricature of a genuine female private matter.

Became Viral Person Globally

Following this, Johnson uploaded videos in which she performed erotic acts on a dog and on another video where Lovely strangled her dog to death.

Then, her brutality heightened when she started calling older men to have intercourse with her baby in exchange for money. She often has called her young Daughter a bitch who will be dead by 10yo.

In June of 2018, Brittany posted a video of herself talking about her Daughter to someone over the phone. In the video, the mom cited her wish to kill Cora due to her jealousy towards her young Daughter.

Lovely Peaches harass her Daughter and dog and share that she killed her Daughter. Image Credit: NewsFinale

Instantly after this video, she went viral, and some YouTubers posted a string of videos exposing her. One of the popular Youtube stars, Repzilla, also publicized videos about her mental health.

Besides, Repzilla showed a message in one of their videos that Betty Leach Johnson had sent; her stepmother requested the Youtuber for medical help for her mental condition. 

Lost guardianship of her Daughter

Not to mention, there is no such mother in the world who would use inappropriate words to an infant daughter. Fans notice Brittany often seen abusing and yelling at her daughter in one of her videos.

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As a result, Social media users ventured an online petition on Change.org, which received over 177,000 signatures.

An activist group, Children’s Riot, confirmed that Cora was safe and was taken from her mother. Image Credit: Dexerto.com

After an official investigation from the FBI, Johnson lost custody of her Daughter. On August 6, 2020, an activist group called, Children’s Riot saved Cora and assured that she would never be returned to her mean mother.

A former federal agent claimed via Twitter that he would find Lovely and see that they arrested her, convicted them, and sentenced.

A non-profit organization, The Salvation Foundation, which works for the aid of sex trafficked victims, proclaimed that Cora was initially taken to her grandmama before being returned to her mother.

Then, she got transferred from Brittany’s care, with the foundation confirming the news with the FBI.

Feud with Charli and Social Media Ban

Earlier, Lovely had 1 million followers on her social media handles. But, she is no longer available on TikTok and Instagram. Her account has been taken down.

In one of her videos, she claimed to have hired someone to sexually assault TikTok’s biggest star, Charli D’ Amelio and constantly threatened him, which led to her TikTok ban.

Lovely threatening Charlie.Image Credit: The Courier Daily

Moreover, the Salvation Foundation even stated that they are working to take down all of her social media platforms to no longer have her given platform.

Net Worth in Millions

The 5 feet 3 inches tall Brittany had a short-lived career in the social media world. Shortly, she might have gained a decent amount if she had used her platforms in a good manner. 

Hence, there is not enough data on her net worth. Moving on, she has a net worth estimate of approximately $5 million US dollars.

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