An American YouTube Star, Cody Garrett, aka Donut Operator, is one of the prominent public figures in the internet world.

Further, he is a former police officer affiliated with a SWAT team member who creates entertaining content, ranging from gaming content to police breakdowns in the United States of America.

Nowadays, Cody runs a YouTube channel under the name Donut Operator, and his most popular videos are reviews of police footage called breakdowns.

His YouTube channel contains over 2 Million subscribers and has multimillion likes and views to date. In 2016, his kitten’s rescue went viral and swathed in The Huffington Post.

Please scroll down and explore the entire article to gather more information about his personal and professional life.

Is Donut Operator Still Single Or Married? Know More About His Girlfriend and Wife!

The internet star, Donut amassed a loyal following globally. Creating content in the videos has assisted him in huge popularity. So far, his buffs and well-wishers are very curious about his love life.

Cody was widely famed for dating Wine Operator Kaley, but since 2020, their connection seems quite messed up.

Currently,  Jessica Mandala is his rumored girlfriend. The duo has been encountered together on many events and occasions, but neither has confirmed their relationship in the media.

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Cody with Jessica Mandala. Image Credit: @donutoperator

Well, maybe in the upcoming days, we can unveil where and when the couple got introduced and is dating or not? But for now, the two are very close friends who love to spend quality time with one another.

Hence, he is never married or divorced, for your kind information.

Is The News That Donut Operator Break Up with Wine Operator Correct?

Going deep into his love life, like Garrett, Kaley is also a popular Twitch star and streamer known for her wine channel.

Moreover, she frequently posts gaming content on her YouTube channel, which has led her to amass decent followers. On 3rd June, Wine took Twitter to articulate comments about her post entitled Something personal.

Cody Garrett with his ex-girlfriend, Wine Operator. Image Credit: Instagram

Further, she has described her experience of physical and mental abuse with her ex. Also, the star has uploaded another post entitled Moving On, which made clear that Wine is now single but hasn’t cited any other person in it.

Yes! It has been made clear that the ex-couple is now no more in a relationship and lives separately. 

Does Wine Operator Have Thirteen Years old Son?

Yes! Cody is indeed the father of one child. Although his marital status is still unclear, he takes one son. His son’s name is John Garrett, who is thirteen years old and was born on 13th April 2009.

However, his mom’s name and face haven’t been yet revealed by his father.

Donut with his son, John. Image Credit: Instagram

Nonetheless, we are yet to confirm this information. The dilemma is about the kid’s mother. It seems like Garrett fathered a son with another woman before Kaley.

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Further, his relationship with his former partner and his divorce is still a mystery. And we are keeping tabs on this data and will be updated as soon as it is available.

Cody’s son’s Gun. Image Credit: Instagram

Donut is often seen uploading pictures of himself and his son on his Instagram handles. They are often glimpsed spending quality time together.

Having a background in physical fitness, Operator prefers his son to be fit and has supported him use a gun. He has posted videos in his YouTube account entitled My Ten Year Old’s First Gun.

What Is The Net Worth Of The Donut Operator?

The handsome hunk, Garrett, is one of the successful YouTubers with an enormous fan following. His YouTube channel amassed over 3.24Million subscribers and has over 832,177,912 views.

So, his main source of earnings has been social media platforms.

Cody is snapping with his mom and his luxurious car. Image Credit: Instagram

According to, his YouTube channel makes $3.9K – $63.1K as estimated monthly earnings and $47.3K – $757.4K as an estimated yearly earnings.

Frequently, Operator gives information on several kinds of merchandise into his channel to his well-wishers. Furthermore, he has his online store where he sells merch like T-shirts and owns a skate shop under Five-Oh.

In addition to this, the good-looking man is also a former police officer, and from his dedication over five years in this field, he must have made a hefty sum of money added to his revenues.

In addition, he added more amount through brand endorsements, ad campaigns, and other ventures.

As of 2022, the YouTube Star holds a massive fortune of $4 Million, and his estimated annual income is over $200,000 per annum. There is no denying that the Twitch star lives a lavish lifestyle with his son and family in the United States of America.

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Who Is Donut Operator? 

In the Vigo birth sign, DONUT, a SWAT team member, first stepped into this world as Cody Garrett on 3rd September 1987 in South Carolina, the United States.

Currently, a thirty-five-year-old man was raised in South Carolina by working-class parents. In contrast, he is from a family of four.

Our steps to learn more about his family, as no such information is publicly available. Consequently, the identity of his parents is still under review.

It is unclear if he has any brothers and sisters. As per nationality, Cody is the holder of American citizenship and belongs to white ethnic background.

Donut Operator showing his family San Antonio. Man, I love Texas!. Image Credit: Instagram

Additionally, the Twitch star attended Spartanburg Community College in 2014 and graduated with honors. Soon after his graduation, Cody joined the United States army.

After serving for five years, the hunk became a Navy Veteran. As of now, Donut is a full-time YouTuber and resigned from his military duty.

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