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Is InksNation Legit

Is InksNation Real

iBSmartify Nigeria created the so claimed ‘World’s First Philanthropic Blockchain’ known as InksLedger and the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO, known as InksNation.

As they claim on the website, IBSmartify started operating the InksNation Website in November 2018 and its registered with CAC.

The program which they claim it is capable of ending poverty in any country in less than 9 months.

They claim the program is to to increase goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace and equitable distribution of wealth.

We also invented the world’s first Reserve Cryptocurrency called PinKoin, Africa’s first QR Debit Card called PinKard and lots more.


They claim their reserve coin which is known is PinKoin will pay all Nigerians, Africans and human beings in generals a minimum of $330 (₦120,000) monthly for life!!!PinKoin ReviewIs Pinkoin RealIs Pinkoin Legit

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InksNation Founder

The Founder of the PinKoin, or InksNation in general is Amos Sewanu Omotade, popularly known as Universal Daddy Ink.

PinKoin Review (What Is PinKoin)

PinKoin is the native coin of the program, InksLedger.

The coin will be used in making any sort of payment on the InksLedger.

InksNation Plans

These are the available registration plans on InksNation:

  • Bronze (Sign up with ₦1000 or $3 and earn ₦4000 or $11 daily for life)
  • Silver (Sign up with ₦10000 or $30 and earn ₦6000 or $17 daily for life)
  • Gold (Sign up with ₦100000 or $30 and earn ₦8000 or $23 daily for life)
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InksNation Review

Is InksNation Legit

Is InksNation Real

InksNation Registration

After choosing a plan of your choice, you’d proceed to InksNation Registration.

Here are the details you need to register:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Country
  • Pin

After filling out the registration form, you have to contact your upline (the person that introduced you and pay the correct amount).

But if no one introduced you, account details you’d pay to would be provided.

After a successful payment, send proof (receipt) to your upline or the whatsapp number provided for you (if you have no upline).
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PinKoin Review

Is Pinkoin Real

Is Pinkoin Legit

The person will activate your account using their PinKard.

PinKard is a QR debit card which is given to users on the program.

It is used for registering new members.

Upon activation of your account, you can set it up and print your PinKard

Detailed Example Of How InksNation Works

How Do I Earn From Inksnation?
Presently, Not Updated (July 2020).

The members of Inksnation make money on the platform by referring in new members.

Let’s take for example.

My friend, Ola is a member of InksNation and he convinced me to join.

I will go to the website and register, choosing a plan that suits me, I’ll pay to Ola’s account and then show him my payment proof.

Ola will then activate my account with his PinKard and will make me a full fledged InksNation member!

Now, I have to set up my account in order to make money.

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Then I will print and activate my own PinKard which I’d be given ₦70000 on my PinKard after activation.

InksNation Review

Is InksNation Legit

Is InksNation scamThen I’ll use the money in bringing in new members. (they’d also pay me like I did to Ola).

Each time I activate a new member, the amount will be deducted from my own PinKard.

When I exhaust the ₦70,000 in my PinKard, I will keep the ₦50,000 I made by registering new members for myself.

For the remaining ₦20,000, I will return it back to the platform so that my PinKard can be loaded with another ₦70,000.

PinKoin Review, InksNation Review Is Pinkoin Real, Is InksNation Real

Is Pinkoin Legit, Is InksNation Legit

All the members that I registered will also get their own cards and they cycle continues.

Is InksNation Legit – Is InksNation Real?

Now, to the big question, Is InksNation Legit?

Well others may share different opinions but for me, it is not! People join InksNation because:

  • It actually pays, yeah, I’ve seen many people who got paid including a friend of mine.
  • It’s registered with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC).
  • It’s all over Nigeria! Almost everyone knows InksNation.

Before you make your decision, wait, I’m not yet done.

Why do I think InksNation is not legit?

I feel it’s another MMM, Nigerians fall prey to scams like this. Why? Check these out.

1. SEC ON InksNation

SEC, Nigeria took to their Twitter handle when InksNation started, warning Nigerians that the program is nothing but a Ponzi Scheme and that they should stay away from it. Stubborn Nigerians didn’t, LOL.

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2. SIBAN, Nigeria On InksNation

InksNation once took to social media, saying they’re registered with SIBAN but SIBAN totally denied it, meaning InksNation lied.

Why? Maybe to lure in more people.

PinKoin Review, InksNation Review

Is Pinkoin Real, Is InksNation Real

Is Pinkoin Legit, Is InksNation Legit

3. Bitcoin News On InksNation

Earlier when the program started, a publisher on bitcoin news took to the platform to share the truth about InksNation. People were stubborn, they failed to listen.

4. Edited Video

I was playing around YouTube, finding more information about InksNation and I came across an edited video.

The video is meant to lure more people in. The video is obvious tho and I don’t expect many to fall for it.Why would all these happen if it’s truly legit?

5. InksNation Founder Wanted: Last year, December I came across a post, stating Daddy Inks was wanted by EFCC and I headed to the official EFCC website and confirmed it myself.

Is PinKoin Legit – Is PinKoin Real?

The brainchild of the InksLedger, is it real?No.They claim 1 PinKoin or 1PKN in its short form is worth about $18k, that’s more than bitcoin and its not even listed on any crypto wallet.It’s all lies!

InksNation Review (Conclusion)

InksNation is unfortunately another ponzi scheme that Nigerians are yet to discover.

They’re currently paying doesn’t make it legit or real, MMM was paying before they ran away with people’s money, NNU did the same!Open your eyes, see scams!

PinKoin Review, InksNation Review

Is Pinkoin Real, Is InksNation Real

Is Pinkoin Legit, Is InksNation Legit

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