What is Harvest Finance?

Harvest Finance is automated yield aggregator protocol that provides highest possible farming opportunities in the Decentralized Finance. Platform was launched in August 2020 with aim of becoming one stop and one click yield farming solution provider. In growing DeFi space, Harvest Protocol offer token rewards in returns for utilizing their platform with staking token.

Reward collection most commonly term as liquidity mining aka yield farming. However, Harvest Finance will work as intermediary, where it will collect funds from user and stake them. This combine staking strategy will help user to save gas fees which is keep fluctuating. Platform provider highest annual return through auto compounding mechanism. Platform not only makes harvesting simple but also save user time and network fees for multiple transactions.

Currently, Harvest Finance support more than 100 farming pair or strategies on single network. as of writing, Harvest support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon network. 2.0 version brings evolution in Harvest by introducing intuitive interface and more possibilities. In the newest version some new feature added that include dynamic search box, visual space, faster sorting and improved deposit process.

Harvest Price Prediction

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Harvest Finance Overview

Project name Harvest Finance
Ticker Symbol FARM
Total Supply 690,420
Official website Harvest.finance
Based on Farming
Launched year 2020
Supported Chain BSC, ETH, Matic
Exchange Platform Coinbase, Uniswap, Gate, Poloniex, Bancor Network, DODO
Wallet Metamask, Trust Wallet

Farm Token Price Prediction

Farm Token release in September 2020 right after platform launch. The main moto of launching Farm token is to provide incentives to yield farmer. This token has launched with 100% fair distribution, as token is not pre-mine, investor funds at 0 circulating supply at launch. Use who stake farm token will receive rewards in the profit-sharing pool and they can also get participation in governance program. weekly new token minted, as they distributed to liquidity provider and capital. in 2021, Farm has listed on major exchange i.e., Coinbase and after Binance listing token will see surge in pricing. as of writing, Farm token is trading 10x

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Harvest Finance Price Prediction


Will Farm Token hit $10000?

Frist DeFi Bull run Farm Token was traded above $1000 USD and If more number of people joins the platform price of token will increase.

Is Harvest Finance a Good Investment?

Harvest marked safe after completing multiple smart contract audit and tier-1 exchange listing.


We know 2020 has transform DeFi industry and with huge surge in number of investors is reason of recent growth in market cap. Harvest Finance version 2 not only changed user interference or design but also changes momentum of project. in recent time, Harvest Finance interest grows as TVL or staking volume very close to reach $500 million mark. Harvest Finance has launched new strategies along with new blockchain network who has lowest network fees for different operation. as more network added more funds will be deposited on the platform.

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