What Is Gozmining?

Gozmining Review

Gozmining.com claims to be a private investment company, founded in the UK.

They aim to provide stable returns and reduce capital losses in the bitcoin trading market for their investors with or without any trading experience.

They deal with shares trading, cryptocurrency and forex.

They claim to be established in two countries for tax optimization and to generate higher profits for their investors.

They also claim to work with clients from over 60 countries and that they have well experienced specialists with over 10-20 years experience in the market.

Gozmining is a legally registered company located in 80 Cedar Terrace Spring Close, Dagenham, England, RM8 1SR.

They are registered with the Company Number
#13043804 and here’s their registration certificate below.

Gozmining.com Review

How Does It Work?

To invest with the platform, first of all you have to register to become a member.

Once you’re signed up, you can then login to your account.

Then fund your account (make a deposit) and then start investing.

After registration, you’d be given a bonus of $10 which again, include a special plan of 1% per day for a year.

But you can’t do anything with the bonus unless you activate it by depositing a minimum of $10.

Gozmining Review

Gozmining Investment Packages

The Platform has just four investment packages, they are;

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Jumper Package

  • Here, you receive 130% ROI for 30 days
  • The minimum amount you can invest is $10
  • Daily Profit is 4.33%
  • Hourly Profit is 0.18%
  • You earn every hour
  • You don’t pay any fee for withdrawal

Advanced Package

  • Here, you receive 140% ROI for 20 days
  • The minimum amount you can invest is $500
  • Daily Profit is 7%
  • Hourly Profit is 0.29%
  • You earn every hour
  • You don’t pay any fee for withdrawal

Business Package

  • Here, you receive 156% ROI for 14 days
  • The minimum amount you can invest is $2000
  • Daily Profit is 11.14%
  • Hourly Profit is 0.46%
  • You earn every hour
  • You don’t pay any fee for withdrawal

Premium Package

  • Here, you receive 170% ROI for 7 days
  • The minimum amount you can invest is $4000
  • Daily Profit is 24.28%
  • Hourly Profit is 1.01%
  • You earn every hour
  • You don’t pay any fee for withdrawal

Gozmining Review

Gozmining.com Withdrawal

To withdraw your capital and ROI, login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section.

The minimum withdrawal is;

  • $0.10 for Perfect Money
  • $3 for ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE
  • $10 for BTC.

Gozmining.com Review

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Gozmining Registration

Gozmining Registration is totally free, here’s what you’d need to register;

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • E-mail Address
  • Password
  • Your Crypto wallets (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc)

Gozmining Login

Upon successful registration, to login, you’d need your;

  • Username
  • Password

Gozmining Review

Other Ways To Earn On Gozmining.com

Apart from the Return on Invest you get on your investments, the platform also have other ways you can earn, they are;

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You can earn by referring other people to invest with them.

There are 5 level of affiliate commissions on the platform which works like this;

8% – 4% – 3% – 2% – 1%.

This simply means that your referral earns an instant 8% on their deposits, and second level of 4%, and third level of 3%, and forth level of 2%, and finally fifth level of 1% commission.

Gozmining Review

Reposting News

When you make a repost of their news from their official Facebook page, telegram channel and group, Twitter page, to yours, you earn a minimum of $0.5.

You can help up to $100 for this

But before you can earn for reposting;

  • Your Facebook account must be minimum of two months old
  • You must have more than 100 Facebook friends
  • Your posts should be made public.
  • The repost must remain on your page for at least 3 days.

Making a promotional Video

You can also earn by making a promotional video about them on your YouTube channel.

You can earn a minimum of $10 for the video and maximum of $3000 depending on how large your audience is.

Before you can make money through this;

  • Your YouTube channel must be more than a month old
  • Your YouTube channel must have more than 100 subscribers
  • Your publication should be made public
  • You must put your referral link to the project in the description
  • You should have active deposit

Gozmining Review

Is Gozmining Legit? (Gozmining.com Review/Gozmining Review)

First of all, I’d like to start by saying it’s an HYIP scheme (High Yield Investment Program) which doesn’t always end well.

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And I think the ROI for the Advanced, Business and Premium packages are just too good to be true.

Also, they provided no information about the founder or at least the workers, yet they claimed they are registered (which seems true) in two different locations.

By the way, when I looked them up on Google Maps, what I saw wasn’t really showing their company.

But on the bright side,

They have about 90 good reviews on trustpilot which creates a little trust of it.

Plus, I’ve got some people who claimed they’ve successfully withdrawn their earnings.

Now the ball is in your court, invest wisely and don’t be greedy.

Gozmining.com Review

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