What Is FREE Coin?

Free Coin Review
Free Coin Review

Free Coin is said to be a cross-blockchain cryptocurrency that circulates on three blockchains; Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), and TRON (TRC10). This Free Coin Review is meant to show the information about the coin, some stats, and my opinion.

This coin claims to be the best coin for newbies in the cryptocurrency trading industry. The introduction price is low so that it’s going to have the potential to grow wider. They also claim the coin has a friendly community of people to support and help you if you need it.

FreeCoin Objectives

  • The coin promises to make crypto inclusive in such a way that people with low finance will also have access to gaining cryptocurrency profits.
  • They also claim that this coin will be available for B2B, P2P, and P2P payment transactions at a very low cost in all the transaction types
  • Most Importantly, the creators of this coin claim that it is the perfect coin to start your cryptocurrency journey while they provide a low-cost and low-risk coin community.

They claim the coin will be added to other blockchains as time goes on, but for now, It’s currently running on;

  • TRON
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ethereum Blockchain

This coin has been making waves for the past few days and that is why I decided to write this Free Coin Review.

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FreeCoin Exchanges

Free Coin Review
Free Coin Review

This coin has already been listed on several exchanges and they are;

  • Stex
  • Juld
  • JulSwap
  • Burger Swap
  • Pancake Swap
  • Bakery Swap
  • Bscs Swap

Free Coin Founders

The coin was developed by a blockchain development company knows as FREE Crypto Ltd which provides their services ‘free of cost’.

According to the information on their website, they also claim that the FREE Project is a hundred percent coin holder-oriented project. This means that all the funds that are generated by the sales of the coins are all invested in getting the coin on more exchanges.

Rumana Rumo

Rumana Rumo is said to be the Lead Advisor and Social Media Director, she is the COO of FREEcoin and she has outstanding records in Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Advisor, etc.

She is currently the Head of depart for support of the FreeCoin telegram group and the lead advisor of the FreeCoin community.

Mr Alexander Apuntar

Having 17 years of experience in Marketing, Mr. Alexander is in charge of the Online Marketing of the coin. He was an employee before turning to an entrepreneur. He currently lives in the Philippines.

Mr. Alexander is a Cryptocurrency and Forex trader and investor for the past four years! He is a speaker, world traveler, a father and he wants to make people financially free with cryptocurrency.

Ben Bervoets

Mr. Ben is the External Advisor, he lives in Europe. He is a master in finance and he has more than thirty-five years of experience in IT in large multinationals. He has been active for 18 years in social action and he coordinates the social aspect of the coin.

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How To to Buy FREE Coin

To buy this coin, you are going to go through two steps because, for now, you can’t buy it directly. So, you’re going to have to buy Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) from any exchange that supports deposits from your bank account or debit card.

After successfully purchasing your BTC or ETH, then you can transfer your coin to another marketplace exchange which supports selling FREE in exchange for Ether or Bitcoin


The token is said to offer some advantages such as;

Ethereum based network: Although it exits on the BEP20 and TRC10 networks too, being an ERC20 Token, it has the advantage to enjoy the benefits of the ETH Blockchain. The benefits include transparency, fast transaction speed, security, and reliability.

  • 24/7 Customer Service: The users can contact the members of the FreeCoin team at any time (Via email) and they will receive a quick response to their questions and inquiries.
  • It Is Community-based: The coin has a very active community of users on social media platforms who are ready to help others.
  • Industry support: They are partnered with a leader in blockchain development, Crypto LTD.
  • Inclusive and Democratic: As a result of the coin’s Extraordinary low introduction price, anyone and everyone can be a FREE holder and also participate in the usage of the coin. This widens the scale of the potential users.

FREE Coin Price To USD

As of the time of writing this FREE Coin Review, the coin is worth $0.000001142. It is worth less than 0.00000001 in BTC and also less than 0.00000001 in ETH.

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Market Cap

Fully Diluted Market Cap

VolumeCirculating Supply
$11,099,156$12,558,848$118,2479,713,322,231,043 FREE
Total Supply: 10,998,999,997,635
Free Coin Price

These stats are as of the time this FREE Coin Review was written.

Free Coin Review (Is Free Coin A Good Investment?)

The value of the coin is expected to move up to  $0.000002 very soon. This will benefit those who invested a huge amount in it, at least a little bit. It will probably move up higher than that in the years to come. Let’s sit back and watch how the coin will progress.

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