Fortron Review

Fortron smart contract review

What Is Fortron Smart Contract?

Like Bank of Tron, 200trons and the rest. Fortron is a new, highly anticipated smart contract.

They claim the smart contract is a the zero-risk one, no one can hack or stop it.

But why aren’t we surprised by these promises? All other smart contracts said same thing and what happened??

They crashed!! And that’s why I’m writing this Fortron Review

The program is made identical for Forsage but the only difference is that it’s based on Tron (TRX), you’ll need just 100 trons to register, making it one of the most cheapest smart contracts.

How To Earn On Fortron Smart Contract

A lot goes on in the fortron smart comtract, below are the several ways of earning on fortron.

Referral – FXR3

Referring is when you use your unique invite link to bring in people to join the smart contract, the people invited are your referrals / down lines.

If your referrals invites other people too and they upgrade, you earn too! It’s a win win situation.

Non Referral – FXR4

Here, you can earn in two ways, they are:

  • Spillover: When there is excess registration and many members are upgrading, you earn, that is the Spillover!
  • Overflow: This simply means that you’d earn from the person who referred you!
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Fortron Investment

On the the new smart contract, you earn in two ways, either from the:

  • X3 matrix: Gives you 100% of your investment back, disregarding your level/slot (for all the 12 available slots)
  • X4 matrix: You’ll get a 150% ROI for every slot (for all the 12 available slots)

Fortron Review

Fortron smart contract review

Fortron Referral Program

On the smart contract, there are two accounts like I mentioned above, the FXR3, and FXR4 which are the referral and non referral respectively.

So, you get paid with or without referring others to join the smart contract.

Fortron Withdrawal

Fortron claims that their withdrawal is automatic and your earnings will directly go to your Tron wallet.

Fortron Registration

To register on Fortron you’ll need on of the following Dapps.

NB: Click here to register

To connect with the smart contract, you have to download, set up, and fund your preferred wallet from the instructions below.

Download and install TRON WALLET On Your Mobile Phone

Tron Wallet =

Buy Tron & Fund Your Tron Wallet

You can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and exchange them to TRX or buy TRX directly from Binance or Trust Wallet with your credit card

Trust Wallet

Fortron Review

Fortron smart contract review

Is Fortron Legit (Fortron Smart Contract Review)

Personally, I don’t recommend Smart Contracts at all.

They’d first pay the early birds and end up scamming others.

A very good example is Autoxify which crashed few hours after launching, running away with about 4000000 invested Trons!!!

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However, these are what the fortron smart contract promised


It’s a decentralized smart contract that cannot be altered by any body.

Instant Peer-to-Peer System

It uses Peer-to-Peer commission payment between its participant.

Transparency and Anonymity

Verifiable proof of projects performance statistics as well as its partner’s transaction history are publicly available on the blockchain


It’s just (100trons) 1,500 in Naira, that’s really affordable, but I say for now because the price of Tron is increasing every day, it might just be more by next week.

Fortron Review (Review Mr’s Verdict)

Like I said earlier, I don’t recommend smart contracts and I wouldn’t say it’s scam or it’s legit.

BUT If you’d do it, I advise you stop after gaining something, don’t be greedy or you might regret.

Fortron Review

Fortron smart contract review

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