Floki Inu Partners With Bayer 04 Leverkusen But Members Are Still joining Bitrise Coin

Bitrise, a DeFi protocol built on BSC, has been recording thousands of new members joining the coin for the last few weeks, some from large cryptocurrencies. Among the new community members joining the coin are the Floki Inu investors. This is because of appealing rewards that Bitrise is promising crypto Floki Inu and other crypto community members.

  • Offers innovative and attractive tokenomics.
  • Fast project building accomplishment.
  • Offers attractive staking rewards.

Floki Inu coin is quickly recovering from a recent price fall, especially after the advertisement controversy in London. The recent big news now is Floki partnering with German professional football club and Bundesliga giant Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The deal was announced on the company’s social media platforms a few hours ago.

This is a huge milestone for the Floki investors and will have a huge impact on the Floki Inu price. At the time of writing, the coin was on a bull run. But the move might not stop its community members from joining other promising and well rewarding crypto coins like Bitrise. The number of Floki members joining Bitrise coin is expected to rise with the recent development at Bitrise company.

The Bitrise team has been making big moves in developing the DeFi protocol. One of the things they have done right is the speed of building the protocol. This is a project that will be completed very fast, which is why Floki Inu community members are interested in it.

In just three months after the launch of the $BRISE token, the team has developed Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet. The next two products on the roadmap are the exchange and the blockchain, and both are in the development stages. Even DeFi projects offering the same product have not matched this development speed.

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But it is the soon-to-be-launched staking process that has increased the number of Floki Inu members joining Bitrise token. The team is offering attractive staking rewards and has attracted thousands of crypto investors. The sharing of an 80% APY revenue generated from the products on the ecosystem to all staked tokens has got many investors joining the coin.

With multiple products running in the ecosystem, and the exchange coming up in early 2022, the platform is promising huge revenue collection. This is why even community members from large cryptocurrencies are joining the coin. With the successful staking, it is expected that more Floki Inu community members will join to get part of the staking rewards.

Bitrise ecosystem will include multiple products that will increase the token utility. With the completion of the project, $BRISE will be in high demand, and this means more value. Therefore, it is a perfect capital appreciation crypto investment.

Bitrise tokenomics still remain one of the appealing aspects of this project due to attractive investors’ rewarding. That’s why thousands were still joining Bitrise coin even before the announcement of the token staking. Follow Bitrise coin social medial for the latest updates!

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